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batido [batído] adj Strong character; not shy; resolute enough to face people and endure whatever troubles, consequences may come. matibay Batido baga sida sa pagbiyahe-biyahe. She’s strong enough to endure the consequences when travelling. (sem. domains: - Determined.)

matibay [matíbay] (der. of tibay) adj 1Solid; sturdy; strong, firm, durable (as of wood, cloth, buildings etc., also of abstract things such as relationships). matibay Kag ida inggamit nak kahoy ay matibay nak klase. The wood he used is a strong class. Kag ako relasyon sa ida ay matibay gihapon. My relationship with him is still strong. (sem. domains: 4.1 - Relationships, - Hard, firm, 4.3.1 - Good, moral.) 2Firm, durable, stable, long lasting relationship (sem. domains: 4.1 - Relationships.) 3Firm, strong faith. (sem. domains: - Devout.)

matibay it buot [matíbay it buót] (comp. of buot, tibay) id Determined; focused; firm of purpose. (sem. domains: - Determined.)

matibay it ginhawa [matíbay it ginháwa] (comp. of tibay, ginhawa) id Strong stomach. [lit: firm

matibay nak paninrugan [matíbay nak paninrúgan] saying - Convert to subentry Firm decision. matibay ang paninindigan Ingwa sida it matibay nak paninrugan nak indi magrayagan pagka meyor. He made a firm decision not to run for mayor.

matigson [matígson] 1adj Strong; sturdy; healthy (said of living things such as people, plants). malakas, matibay Matigson kag anak nak nagsususo sa Nanay. The child who is breast feeding is strong. Kada waya natumba it hangin kag mga tanom ay mga matigson. Those plants are strong so they did not fall over in the wind. 2vi To become strong. Matigson kag imo anak pag apakaunon nimo it maado. Your child will become strong if you feed him well. 3vi To make something strong or healthy. Apatigsunon nako kag ako mga tanom sa pagbutang it abuno. I’ll make my plants healthy by putting fertilizer on them.

akasya [akásya] (sp. var. acasya) n Tree species; acacia or rain tree which is a large shade tree with white, pink or yellow blossoms. Matibay nak kahoy kag akasya. Acacia is a durable wood. Samanea Saman (sem. domains: 1.5.1 - Tree.)

kubay [kúbay] n Abaca cloth which was finely woven into clothing. kubay Kag yaring tela sa kubay ay matibay. The cloth made of abaca is durable. (sem. domains: 5.3.3 - Traditional clothing.)

lansang [lánsang] 1n Nail. 2vbt To nail something on something. pákò Alansangan nato kag kuray agor matibay. We will put a nail on the fence to make it stronger.

pusog [púsog] n Bamboo stump, post (as of large strong, long part at the bottom which is used in fences and house posts). pusog Maganda kag pusog nak gamiton sa kuray dahil nak matibay. The large bamboo posts used on the fence are nice because they are strong. Buko maadong gamiton kag pusog sa paghuman it nigo. It’s not good to use old bamboo stumps for making a winnowing tray. (sem. domains: 1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine.)