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mayado [mayadô] (der. of yado) 1loc Far, far away; distant. maláyò Mayado kag ako binata. My boyfriend is far away. (sem. domains: - Far.) 2adj Distant, cool, aloof, indifferent (as of feelings or attitude towards somebody). (sem. domains: - Separate, alone, - Set self apart, - Far.)

mayado kag buot [mayadô kag bu-ót] (id. of buot, yado) id Feels distant, cool, aloof towards; has an indifferent attitude (as of towards somebody). [lit: far the inner-being] (sem. domains: - Far, - Unfriendly.)

abot₁ [abót] 1n Arrival, coming. (sem. domains: - Arrive.) 2v To arrive, come somewhere (as of somebody arriving on one's doorstep or bad weather hitting one's town). Ka ida abot ay insulip. His arrival is tomorrow. (sem. domains: - Arrive.) 3v To have a feeling, sensation come upon or over somebody (as of sadness or hunger). (sem. domains: 2.5.6 - Symptom of disease, 3.4 - Emotion.) 4v To infect, be infected with a sickness. Nag-abot kag bisita it kuman. The visitor arrived earlier. Aabutan ikaw it mga bisita. You will have visitors arrive. Paabuton nimo sida sa Paskwa. You let her come for Christmas. (sem. domains: 2.5.1 - Sick, 2.5.5 - Cause of disease.) 5v To reach out to a certain point (as of to give, pass or touch someone with something). Aabutan ikaw nako it buyak. I will give you the flower. (sem. domains: 8.5.1 - Here, there.) 6prep Until. Nag-abot sa ako kag gutom tong kami’y magbaktas it mayado. Hunger overcame me when we hiked a far distance. Ing-abot ako it kabuyong pagkabaton it suyat. I was overcome with homesickness when I received the letter. (sem. domains: - Interval.) 7v To last for, until a certain time. Apaabuton nako it usang adlaw kag kapada. I’ll make the papaya last for one day. (sem. domains: 8.4.7 - Continue, persevere.) comp. abot-abot yang , comp. bag-ong abot , der. abot-abot , der. paabot , der. paabuton , der. pangngangabot

antos [ántos] vt To bear, endure, persevere or suffer hardship. magtiis, magbata Nag-antos sida’t kahirapan kag maglayas sida sa inra bayay. He suffered hardships when he ran away from their home. Ing-aantos nida kag kapilay it pagbaktas it mayado para yang makaeskwela. He endures the fatigue of walking a long distance just to be able to study. syn: hugor 1, masigasig, tiis, paningasog, matyaga, penitensya 2. (sem. domains: - Endure.)

apok [ápok] 1n Distance travelled by something hit, blown or carried by waves (as of a ball when hit or a hat when blown or swept away by the waves). (sem. domains: - Far.) 2n Long, good hit in a game with a bat. (sem. domains: - Football, soccer.) 3v To be carried, blown, swept away by wind or waves (as of any object blown by wind or carried by waves); to spray, splatter, land somewhere depending on the size of the thing carried by the wind or waves. talsik Ing-apukan kami it taybo tong nagrayan kag dyip. We were sprayed with dust when the jeep passed by. Ing-apok kag inra baruto sa mayado. Their boat was carried away a great distance. (sem. domains: - Wave, - Wind, 7.3.2 - Move something in a direction.)

buhi₃ [búhì] (dial. var. alimpuwas) 1adj Loose, free, escaped (as of an animal that has got out of a pen or a prisoner who has escaped from jail). (sem. domains: - Escape.) 2v To get free, loose; to get away; to escape (as of an animal to get out of a pen or a prisoner to escape from jail). Inghahanap ninra kag inra karabaw nak nakabuhi it gab-i. They are looking for their carabao that got loose last night. (sem. domains: - Escape.) 3v To let something go free, loose, escape (as of untying an animal or opening a door for a prisoner to get out of jail) bitiw, bitiwan, pakawalan Tong ako ingbuhian kag manok sa kulungan, nagrayagan sinra sa mayado. When I let the chickens out of the chicken coop, they ran away. Aya gibuhii katong itlog nak mababasag.! Don’t drop those eggs because they will break! (sem. domains: - Set free.) 4v To let something drop, fall from one's grasp (as of dropping a glass). (sem. domains: - Fall, - Put down.) comp. bag-ong buhi , comp. pay bag-ong buhi nak kambing pagliwas it kumbento

gutas [gutás] vi To faint; to have a convulsion. nawalan ng malay Nagutas sida pagkatapos it rayagan it mayado. She fainted after running a long distance. (sem. domains: 2.5.1 - Sick, 2.4.2 - Weak, 2.5.6 - Symptom of disease, 2.4.4 - Tired, - Lose consciousness, - Quiet.)

ibas₃ [íbas] 1sta To wear down, become worn down (as of the worn sole of a shoe). Naibas kag sandal pagbaktas it mayado. The sandal was worn down when we walked a long distance. (sem. domains: 5.3.6 - Parts of clothing, 7.9.1 - Damage, 7.9 - Break, wear out.) 2vt To be well used, used to something (as of certain words in a language, perhaps from another dialect etc). (sem. domains: - Known, unknown.) comp. ibasey

isak [isák] vi To cheep, as of chicks wanting food. isak ng sisiw Pag mayado kag inang sa mga isiw, nag-iisak-isak sinra. The chicks keep on cheeping when they are away from their mother hen. (sem. domains: - Animal sounds.)

katining it boses [katíning it bóses] adj High pitched voice. matining ang boses Mayado pa si Matutina ay rungog’ey nimo sida dahil katining it boses. Even if Matutina is still far away you can hear her voice because it’s very high pitched. (sem. domains: - Voice, 4.2.3 - Music.)

ugong [úgong] n Humming sound; growl of dog. hugong Mayado pa kag barko ay rungogey kag ugong. While the ship’s still a long way off its humming sound can be heard.

yado₂ [yadô] 1n Distance. distánsiya (sem. domains: - Away from.) 2adj Distant; far. maláyo Mayado kag ingpagtuan ni Glen. The place where Glen went was far away.