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siksik₄ [síksik] v Firm, tightly packed texture; chubby flesh, muscles (as of contents in a container, the texture of cooking or one’s body). siksik Kag ida anak ay siksik kag mga yawas. His child has a chubby body.

mga yawas [mga yáwas] (comp. of yawas) id Parts of the body (as of the parts of one person’s body). [lit: plural body] Pay kabug-at kuno kag ida mga yawas kada waya sida nakapali sa inro. She said she didn’t feel well so she didn’t come to your place. (sem. domains: 2.1 - Body.)

mga 11.1part Pluralizer. mga Liwas baga kamo mga anak. Please go outside all you children. 22.1part Approximately; about that time, number. Kag amo miting ay mga ala una. Our meeting is at approximately one o’clock. 33.1part All parts of something. Kapilay kag ako mga yawas. All the parts of my body are tired.