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limogmog [limógmog] vi To gurgle; to gargle. magmúmog Ida gingpanglimogmog kag suka nak di asin. She gurgled vinegar with salt.

mumog [mumóg] 1vi To fall apart; to break up into small pieces. To crumble , siparate into particles with the hands, as of cold rice, food. syn: wagas. (sem. domains: - Separate, scatter.) 2vt To break up into small pieces. durog, mumog Inamumog anay nako kag paig nak kan-on bag-o sabagon. I break up the cold rice into small pieces before frying it. (sem. domains: 7.9 - Break, wear out.)

tumok [tumók] 1n A broken piece of a cookie, cracker, etc. 2sta To be broken in small pieces (cookie, cracker). Natumok kag mga “cookies” sa selopeyn. The cookies in the cellophane are all broken. 3vi Nagkatumok kag mga sigay tong madamaan it tawo. The empty shells were broken into small pieces when a man stepped on them. 4vt To intentionally break, crush something into small pieces (as of peanuts, cookies). mumog Ingtumok anay nida kag tinapay bag-o ibubor sa mga yanggam. He intentionally broke the crackers into small pieces before feeding them to the birds.

wagas₁ [wágas] vt To mess up; to destroy; to fall apart; to break up into small pieces. wasak Ingwagas it mga anak ka amo bayay-bayay. The children destroyed our playhouse. syn: mumog 1.