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abuso [abúso] (dial. var. abusado) 1adj Abusive; presumptuous; taking advantage of somebody or some privilege. (sem. domains: 4.1.6 - Disunity, - Do evil to.) 2vi To abuse, be presumptuous, take advantage of somebody or some privilege. abuso Maabuso kag anak it paghagar it kuwarta kung imo apasugtan it tao. The child will abuse us by asking for money if we don’t limit the giving of money to him. Ingabuso it tawo kag kabuot it tong maguyang nak negosyante. The man abused the kindness of the old businessman. syn: hinaom, nanali. (sem. domains: 4.1.6 - Disunity, - Do evil to.) der. abusador

agbon [ágbon] n Ash of cigarettes or cigars (as of hand rolled tobacco). abo Bag-o maghaling inalimpyo anay kag agbun sa abuhan. Before making the fire we first clean the ashes off the cooking fireplace. (sem. domains: 5.5.5 - What fires produce, 5.2.4 - Tobacco.)

agunisar [agunísar] vi To gasp, be short of breath or breathless in agony (as of when one is in great pain and about to die). kinakapos ang paghinga Nag-agunisar tong naligis nak anak bag-o namatay. The child cried in agony before he died after being run over. (sem. domains: 2.2.1 - Breathe, breath.)

Amerikano [Amerikáno/Amerikána] (der. of kano) n 1A person of American nationality American, white, caucasian person, thing. [male/female terms] (sem. domains: - Race.) 2A person with white skin. (sem. domains: - Race.)

Arabo [Arábo/Arabyáno] n An Arab; a person of Arabic nationality and race. (sem. domains: - Race.)

baklir [baklír] (irreg. infl. panalikuran) v To cross one's hands behind one’s back (as of a normal position when walking). sa likod ang kamay Si Sandy ay nakabaklir kag damot habang sida ay naglilibot sa banwa. Sandy crossed his hands behind his back while he walked around town. syn: panalikuran. (sem. domains: 7.1.9 - Move a part of the body.)

balintong [balíntong] 1adv Falling over, taking a tumble, rolling over, stumbling (as of losing one's balance) (sem. domains: - Turn.) 2vi To fall and roll over, take a tumble, roll over, stagger (as of losing one's balance). Kag yango ay nagbibinalintong sa rayan. The drunk kept staggering over in the road. Perming balintong kag ida anak nak nagtutuon pa yang magpanaw. Her child is always tumbling over because she’s just learning to walk. Nagbubalintong kag anak agor asuoran it nanay. The child pretended to tumble over so that mother would come near. syn: pabalinsay, tumba 2.1. (sem. domains: - Turn.) comp. balintong-balinsay , der. pabalintong

batyag [bátyag] (dial. var. batdag) vt 1To perceive, feel, sense, experience something (as of an inner awareness of mental, emotional, physical health and spiritual realities). nakaramdam Nagbabatsag si Nanay it kalisor dahil naglayas kag ida anak. Mother is experiencing grief because her child ran away. Ingbabatsag nako kag kahapros it likor. I feel pain in my back. Nio kag imo ingbabatsag? What are you feeling? Nababatsagan nako nak pay ako ay masuka. I feel like I’m going to throw up. Ingpamatyagan nida kung naghihingab pa tong irong naligis. He felt the dog that was hit by the jeep to see if it was still breathing. (sem. domains: 2.3 - Sense, perceive.) 2To feel sick, well (as of an inner awareness of the health of one's body). (sem. domains: 2.5.1 - Sick.) 3To become aware, perceive, feel, sense the presence of an evil spirit or a dead person's soul (as of an inner awareness by intuition, physical sensations or spiritual means). (sem. domains: - Life after death, 2.3 - Sense, perceive, 4.9.2 - Supernatural being.) 4To become aware, feel, sense, have a premonition of something bad that will or has happened to somebody (as of an inner awareness by intuition, physical sensations or omens). [Premonitions are recognized by intuition, physical sensations or omens e.g. seeing a large black butterfly, having a black cat cross one's path or a vase break without it being touched etc..] (sem. domains: 2.3 - Sense, perceive, - Instinct, - Bad, - Omen, divination.) comp. nabatyagan nako nak sida ay di problema , der. balatyagon , der. pabatyag , der. pamatyag

bibo [bíbo/bíba] adj Smart, clever, talented with an outgoing, extrovert personality. [male/female terms] Abang biba baga kaliong anak nida, nakanta ag nasadaw pa pag di bisita. That child of hers is smart, she will sing and dance when there are visitors. (sem. domains: - Intelligent.)

bilyako [bilyáko] (irreg. infl. barako) adj Smart, clever, talented with an outgoing, extrovert personality. hindi mahiyain, bravo, matapang Ka ida anak ay bilyako. Her child is outgoing. Dahil sida ay bilyako nak eskwela sida it napili nak matuna tong programa. Because she is a brave pupil, she was chosen to lead the program. (sem. domains: 3.1.1 - Personality.)

binaligya [binalígyà] (der. of baligya) n Sold items. (sem. domains: - Sell.)

bingkit [bíngkit] 1n Bundle of unhusked corn cobs tied together for hanging to dry above the fireplace, so the kernels can be used for seed. (sem. domains: 7.5.2 - Join, attach, 7.5.4 - Tie.) 2v To tie unhusked corn cobs in bundles for hanging to dry above the fireplace, so the kernels can be used for seed. tinali Ingbingkit nida kag mga nidog agor malupos giray-on. He tied the coconuts together in bundles so it’ll be easy to carry them. (sem. domains: 7.5.2 - Join, attach, 7.5.4 - Tie.) 3n Bundles of things tied together for hanging on both ends of a carrying pole hung across the shoulder(s) (as of corn cobs, coconuts, tin cans). (sem. domains: 7.5.2 - Join, attach, 7.5.4 - Tie.) 4v To tie things together in bundles for hanging on both ends of a carrying pole hung across the shoulder(s) (as of corn cobs, coconuts, tin cans). (sem. domains: 7.5.2 - Join, attach, 7.5.4 - Tie.)

bombay [Bómbay] n A person of Indian nationality or race (as of from the city of Bombay or another part of India). Kag nobyo ni Evelyn ay pay naambit sa Bombay. That fiancee of Evelyn’s seems to look like an Indian. [Perhaps] (sem. domains: - Race.)

buot₁ [bu-ót] 1n A person's will, willpower, sense of self, responsibility, inner-being, feelings (as of the center of one's judgment, desires that gives rise to a sense of right and wrong, of good choices, character, self-image, poise, sense and maturity). isip, bait Kaling amo iro ay pay di buot, maayam gisuguon yuhor. This dog of your’s seems to have personality, he knows what to do when he’s told to kneel. (sem. domains: 3.1 - Soul, spirit.) 2n To want, determine, decide something (as of with one's will power and desires). (sem. domains: 3.3.1 - Decide, plan, 3.3 - Want.) 3v To divinely will, determine, do, perform an action (as of God's active will i.e. He decides and does what He will). (sem. domains: - Determined, 3.3 - Want, 4.9.1 - God.) comp. buot silinggon , comp. maado it buot , comp. maado kag buot , comp. mabug-at kag buot , comp. magaan kag buot , comp. mayain it buot , comp. mayain kag buot , comp. nabilin kag buot , comp. nagpayubag it buot , comp. wayat buot , der. buot , der. kabubut-on

buot₃ [bú-ot] (der. of buot) adj 1Kind; gentle; nice; good; polite (as of someone with all the good character and personality qualities. It is also said of God). (sem. domains: - Meet a standard, 4.3.3 - Love.) 2Alert; responsive, recognizing people; well behaved (as of a newborn baby). (sem. domains: - Baby.) 3Sensible, polite, responsible, mature for one's age (as of a well behaved child). (sem. domains: 2.6.4 - Stage of life, - Intelligent.) 4Tame, quiet (as of animals that won't bite, charge somebody). (sem. domains: 6.3.1 - Domesticated animal, 1.6 - Animal.) comp. hugot sa buot , comp. laban sa buot , comp. maadong kabubut-on , comp. matibay it buot , comp. mayungot kag buot , comp. nahuyog kag buot , comp. pakitang tawo yang kag kabuot , comp. pay di buot , comp. utang nak buot , der. but-anan , der. kabuutan , der. kabuuton , der. mabuot , id. kayain sa ako buot , id. magyungot kag buot , id. mayado kag buot , id. Nagbalik kag maadong buot , id. utang nak kabubut-on

busa [búsà] part 1Because; therefore; that's why (as in alibi, excuse). kasi Waya busa ako girayan sa ida dati. That's why I didn’t bother to go by her place before. Mabakay ako it buyong, masakit busa kaling ako anak. I’ll buy medicine because this child of mine is sick. (sem. domains: - Reason.) 2It's your fault (as of for something wrong). kasi Imo busa ingpaidamo kag mga anak sa karsada kada igwa’t naligis it dyip. It’s your fault a child was run over by the jeep because you let them play in the road. Sida busa’y nunot-nunot, kada ya ako gibatuna. It’s his own fault for coming along so I wasn’t accepted. Ikaw busa’y kaon-kaon it hilaw nak badabas kada nahaprusan ka it bituka. It’s your own fault you have a stomach ache because you ate the unripe guavas. Imo busa imbakoy kag iro kadâ kinagat ka. It’s your fault for hitting the dog, so it bit you. Busa imong bakoy kag iro kada kinagat ka. Because you hit the dog therefore it bit you. (sem. domains: - Blame.)

busak [búsak] 1adj Gushing, pouring out strongly (as of water pouring, rushing out of a drain). (sem. domains: - Pour.) 2v To gush, pour out or off something (as of water pouring, rushing out of a drain). Nagbubusak kag gripo nak nalimutan gisirhan. The water is pouring out of the faucet because somebody forgot to close it. (sem. domains: - Pour.)

but-anan [but-ánan] (der. of buot) 1adj Alert, aware, having recognition of people, sense, intelligence and personality (as of unexpectedly intelligent responses by normally immature, unintelligent beings like babies, children and animals). maybait Kag ida tatlong buyan pa yang nak lapsag ay but-ananey. Her three month old baby is already alert. syn: listo 1. (sem. domains: - Attention, - Alert.) 2id Being powerful; going on it's own; having a mind, will of it's own (as of an object or machine). parang may isip Abang but-anan baga tong inra uning ag iro. Their cat and dog seem to have minds of their own. (sem. domains: 6.7 - Tool, 6.7.9 - Machine.)

duminahan kag pagkatawo [duminahán kag pagkatáwo] (comp. of duminante, pagkatawo, tawo) id To dominate his personality (as of a wife who dominates a man resulting in a henpecked husband). [lit: dominate the nature] duminahan ang pagkatao Waya gusto ni Bilshan nak duminahan kag ida pagkatawo it ida asawa. Bilshan doesn’t want his wife to dominate him. (sem. domains: - Command, 4.1.6 - Disunity.)

halinan [halinán] (der. of halin) n Place from which one came, originated; source. inalisán (sem. domains: 8.5.4 - Area.)

halos [hálos] part 1Almost all; nearly everything. halos Halos naubosey ka inra tinipon nak kwarta sa pagpabuyong it inra anak pero waya gihapon naulie. The money they’d saved was almost all used up in treating their child but he still wasn’t better. (sem. domains: - Almost.) 2Seldom; hardly ever; reluctantly. Halos indi sida magbisita sa ida pamilya dahil nalilibang sa ida kabit. He seldom visits his family because he’s taken up with his mistress. (sem. domains: - Most, least.) 3About to; almost do something. (sem. domains: - Almost.)

hebrohanon [Hebrohánon] n Hebrew person, language or nationality (as of the oldest name for the Jews, Israelites in the earliest books of the Old Testament). Hebreo (sem. domains: - Judaism.)

himatay [himatáy] v To faint. nahimatay Kag ida asawa ay nahimatay tong makita nidang naligis it dyip kag ida anak. His wife fainted when she saw her child run over by a jeep. (sem. domains: - Life after death, 2.6.6 - Die, 2.4.2 - Weak.)

hinalisi [hinalísi] dial. var. of salisi

hinalit [hinálit] vt To soak in lime (as for abaca cloth, to make it soft and fine). babad Ahinaliton anay nako kag sinamay bag-o yayahon agor magduta. I will soak the abaca cloth in lime to make it soft. (sem. domains: - Take something out of something, 8.1.8 - Full, 1.3.4 - Be in water, 5.6.4 - Wash clothes, - Fill, cover, 1.3.5 - Solutions of water, 1.3.3 - Wet.)