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makatoy it napagor [makatoy it napágor] id Light fingered, as of someone prone to stealing things (lit. itchy hand). (sem. domains: - Dishonest, - Bad-tempered.)

napagor [napágor] n Hand. kamay Abang ragko ka ida napagor. His hand is really big. syn: damot 1.

damot [damót] 1n Arm (as of the general term for the arms of primates and people). kamay syn: napagor. (sem. domains: - Arm.) 2n Hand (as of the general term for the hand of primates and people). (sem. domains: - Arm.) 3v To get, eat with one's hand (as of reaching out and taking rice from a serving platter and eating any food from a bowl with one's right hand). kamáy Damuta yang kinang imo pagkaon. Just use your hand in eating your food. (sem. domains: - Manner of eating, - Arm.) comp. mabug-at kag damot , id. baka makakotkot it damot sa irayom

katoy₂ [katóy] adj Thieving; light fingered (lit: itchy hand); 'clepto' (cleptomaniac). makati ang kamay Ikaw talaga, abang katoy it napagor no! Oh really, you are a thieving character aren’t you! (sem. domains: - Steal.)