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ngasing [ngásing] 11.1time Now that, while (as of simultaneous or overlapping events). ngayón Ngasing nak manggaranoney sida wayaey sida gipapasyar sa amo. Now that she’s rich she doesn’t come by our place. Imo ngasing ibutang kaling isra sa kanastro. It’s your turn now to put the fish in the fish basket. 22.1time Today; nowadays. 33.1conj Then; now what happened next was; so then (as of a sequence of events). ngayón Ngasing ako ay ingpadar-an it suyat it tong ako manghor sa Simara. So then I sent a letter to my younger brother in Simara. 3.2conj Then id. ngasing nak mga adlaw , id. sa ngasing

ngasing nak adlaw [ngásing nak adlaw] time This day. ngayong araw

ngasing nak ala-una it hapon (id. of it) time Today at one o’clock in the afternoon.

ngasing nak buyan [ngásing nak búyan] time This month. buwáng kasalukúyan itóng buwáng itó

ngasing nak mga adlaw it nobyembre [ngásing nak mga ádlaw it Nobyémbre] (id. of it) time These November days

ngasing nak mga adlaw₁ [ngásing nak mga ádlaw] idiom - Convert to subentry Nowadays; these days. ngayong mga araw

ngasing nak mga adlaw₂ [ngásing nak mga ádlaw] (id. of ngasing) idiom - Convert to subentry Nowadays; these days.

ngasing nak nakalipas nak dominggo [ngásing nak nakalípas nak domínggo] time This past week. ngayong nakalipas na linggo

ngasing nak tuig [ngásing nak túig] time This year. taóng kasalukúyan

ngasing pa gani [ngásing pa gánì] idiom - Convert to subentry Even now. kahit ngayon Permi waya ako nahimo it tuyar kina, miskan ngasing pa gani! I usually never do that, even now!

ngasing pa yang [ngásing pa yang] time While there is still time. ngayon pa lang Dapat ninrang disiplinahon kinang imo anak ngasing pa yang nak bata pa. You should try to discipline your child white there is still time now that he’s still young.

ngasing yang [ngásing yang] time Just now. ngayón lang Nakabaton ako it suyat ngasing yang. I received a letter just now.

ngasingey kag panahon [ngasingéy kag panahón] idiom - Convert to subentry Now is the time. ngayon na ang panahon Ngasingey kag panahon nak dapat magtuo sa GINOO. Now is the time that we should believe in the Lord.

sa ngasing nak paabuton nak Lunes [sa ngasing nak paabúton nak Lunes] (id. of sa) time On this coming Monday.

sa ngasing₁ [sa ngásing] idiom - Convert to subentry Meanwhile. sa ngayon Sa ngasing amuyatan nako kali. Meanwhile I’ll look at this.

sa ngasing₂ [sa ngásing] (id. of ngasing) idiom - Convert to subentry Meanwhile

almidor [álmidor] (dial. var. armidon) n 1Starch for stiffening clothes. almidor Indi anay mag-almidor ngasing nak pay mauyan busa. Don’t starch things today as it seems like it might rain. [Traditionally gáwgaw "starch" was made from arrowroot, cassava or maize (corn).] (sem. domains: 5.6.4 - Wash clothes.) 2To starch, stiffen clothes. (sem. domains: 5.6.4 - Wash clothes.) 3To have clothes be starched, stiffened. (sem. domains: 5.6.4 - Wash clothes.)

asenso [asénso] v To rise in rank, status, profession or financial security; to prosper, improve one's lifestyle; to do well in life. Nag-asinsoey kono sinra ngasing dahil igwa sida it permanenting trabaho. It’s said that they’re improving their lifestyle now because he has permanent work. syn: uswag 1. (sem. domains: 4.4.1 - Prosperity.) comp. asensoy , der. asensado

babaero [baba-éro] 1n Bigamist; polygamist (as of a person with more than one spouse to whom he has been officially married). Si Uncle Wil ay babairo it tung-una pero ngasing ay bukoey dahil sida ay ging bag-o’y it Ginoo. Uncle Wil was a bigamist before but now he’s not because he’s been made new by the Lord. (sem. domains: - Sexual immorality, 2.6.1 - Marriage.) 2adj Womanizer. (sem. domains: - Sexual immorality.)

bahala [bahálà] exp Take responsibility for something or somebody; it's up to somebody to take care of something or somebody. Ngasing, sinra ay inggwa ra it mga hanap-buhay ag kami ra ay maguyangey, kada sinra it bahalaey sa amo. Now they too are making a living and we are now old so these children of our’s must take responsibility for themselves apart from us. (sem. domains: - Care for.) comp. bahalaey galing sa punta it lapis , comp. bahalaey sinra sa inra sariling kabuhi

balak [bálak] 1n Plan, aim, intention, goal, desire to do something (as of a dream or goal one wants to see fulfilled e.g. to get married). Sa ngasing waya ako it balak nak mapaManila. As of now, I have no desire of going to Manila. (sem. domains: - Purpose, goal.) 2vt To plan, aim, intend, desire to do something (as of having a dream or goal one wants to see fulfilled e.g. intending to get married). balakin Ida ingbalak nak magpa-Manila sa Sabado. He planned to go to Manila on Saturday. (sem. domains: - Purpose, goal.)

balis₂ [bális] 1n Sickness, paleness and vomiting in babies effected by evil effect or power passed through a person's greeting (as of an evil effect that originates from evil spirits but which may be passed on to people who are unaware of its presence until it reaches a child). Ako ay ingga it balis tong naglipas nak tuig pero ngasing ay maadoy ra. I used to get headaches between sunrise and sunset last year but now I’m better. [This is thought to be passed on to a child by somebody greeting búgno them with praise or admiration. The evil effect is called usóg. To prevent or counteract this púyra usóg a mother will ask the person "so greeting" the child to wipe some of their saliva yáway on the baby's stomach. The evil influence which originates with evil spirits is passed on to people when the spirits "greet" a person, who in turn then can pass on such influence to a baby through verbal "greetings". The only way this evil influence is recognized is when a mother sees her child get sick and searches in her mind for where or who caused this. So if a mother believes in this she will ask any person who greets her child with admiration to wipe their saliva on the baby's stomach.] (sem. domains: - Pain, 2.5.1 - Sick.) 2v To get sick, pale and vomit effected by evil influence or power (as of babies when infected by greetings of people who have been infected by others, who at some time have been bewitched i.e. usóg "greeted" by evil spirits). (sem. domains: - Pain.)

barato [baráto] 1adj Cheap; inexpensive; low price. mura Barato kag lugit ngasing. The price of copra is low right now. (sem. domains: - Bargain.) 2vt To become cheap, low in price. mámurá Nagbarato kag presyo it lugit. The price of copra became low. (sem. domains: - Bargain.) der. baratilyo

batay₁ [bátay] v To lay the foundation of a building. Matulin magbatay kaling inro mga trabahador ngasing. Your workers now are fast in laying the foundation of the building. (sem. domains: - Foundation.)

baydukan [baydúkan] n A bowl-like measure for rice made out of a slit dry coconut shell. Bihiraey ngasing gigamiton kag baydukan nak pangtakos it bugas. The coconut shell that is shallow and dry is seldom used now to measure rice. (sem. domains: 6.7 - Tool, 8.2.8 - Measure.)