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aya ako giistoryahe papagto ka pa yang pabalikey ako [ayâ akó gi-istoryáhe, papágto ka pa yang, pabálikey akó] (comp. of istorya, papagto, yang, pabalik, ey) say Don't make excuses to me!; don't try and tell me that! (as of a rebuke by an older person to a child or youth when he recognizes that they are making implausable excuses or telling lies. He tells them they are still just growing up and learning about life but he's already tried all those things while growing up himself now he's on the way back, perhaps to the "second childhood" of old age. It's like the English "been there, done that.") [lit: don't tell me stories, you are just going somewhere, I am already returning"] (sem. domains: - Saying, proverb.)

kapupusit pa yang [kapupúsit pa yang] adj Just so innocent. mga bata pa lang Kapupusit pa yang kag mga anak ngasing ay maayamey magsigarilyo. Even children who are still just innocents already know how to smoke nowadays. (sem. domains: - Child.)

ngasing pa yang [ngásing pa yang] time While there is still time. ngayon pa lang Dapat ninrang disiplinahon kinang imo anak ngasing pa yang nak bata pa. You should try to discipline your child white there is still time now that he’s still young.

pa yang part Just now. pa lang Nakaabot pa yang kami halin sa Looc. We’ve just arrived from Looc.

yupa yang [yúpa yang] idiom - Convert to subentry The size of one’s forehead; small. isang nuo lang Miski baga yupa yang nak duta indi ninra igbaligya. Even if their land is only the size of their forehead they won’t sell it.

asensoy [asénsoy] (comp. of asenso, ey) adj Improved; prospered (as of one's lifestyle). Maado pa sinra, ruhang tuig pa yang it pag-asawa ay asinsoy kag inra pangabuhi. They are doing well, they’ve only been married two years and have already improved their way of life. (sem. domains: 4.3.8 - Change behavior, 4.4.1 - Prosperity.)

balintong [balíntong] 1adv Falling over, taking a tumble, rolling over, stumbling (as of losing one's balance) (sem. domains: - Turn.) 2vi To fall and roll over, take a tumble, roll over, stagger (as of losing one's balance). Kag yango ay nagbibinalintong sa rayan. The drunk kept staggering over in the road. Perming balintong kag ida anak nak nagtutuon pa yang magpanaw. Her child is always tumbling over because she’s just learning to walk. Nagbubalintong kag anak agor asuoran it nanay. The child pretended to tumble over so that mother would come near. syn: pabalinsay, tumba 2.1. (sem. domains: - Turn.) comp. balintong-balinsay , der. pabalintong

but-anan [but-ánan] (der. of buot) 1adj Alert, aware, having recognition of people, sense, intelligence and personality (as of unexpectedly intelligent responses by normally immature, unintelligent beings like babies, children and animals). maybait Kag ida tatlong buyan pa yang nak lapsag ay but-ananey. Her three month old baby is already alert. syn: listo 1. (sem. domains: - Attention, - Alert.) 2id Being powerful; going on it's own; having a mind, will of it's own (as of an object or machine). parang may isip Abang but-anan baga tong inra uning ag iro. Their cat and dog seem to have minds of their own. (sem. domains: 6.7 - Tool, 6.7.9 - Machine.)

hayay-hayay [hayay-hayáy] n Shanty; hut. kubo Aber hayay-hayay pa yang kag inra bayay ay ing-istaraney. Even though their house is still just a shanty they are now living in it. (sem. domains: - Types of houses.)

in v To check-in, sign-in in person for one’s pay. napasok Ngasing pa yang ako nain sa trabaho tuna tong ako ay nag-aplay, usang buyaney kag nakalipas. It’s only now that I checked-in at work but one month has passed since when I applied. (sem. domains: - Opportunity, 6.1 - Work, - Fashionable.)

kuno₃ [kunó] 11.1part They say: it is said (as of speech reported to somebody) daw, raw Rugayey kuno sida dili pero buko pa nida kilaya kag ida mga kayungot. She’s been here a long time they say but she still doesn’t know her neighbours. Kita kuno kag mapanao it mga libro sa inro. They said we were the ones to give out the books to you. Kuno pa yang... 22.1vt To be talked about; to make a rumor about something or somebody; to gossip about something or somebody. Inra ingkukuno-kuno nak waya’t eleksyon sa Nobyembre. They’re making rumors that there’ll be no election in November.

laskay [laskáy] adj Wild behaviour; immodest; unrefined behaviour. napakalikot Pagkalaskay ra kamo maghiniwas ay bag-ong salta pa yang kamo haling lugar. Your still new in this place and yet you act unrefinely.

paami [pa-ámi] n The harvest of a second planting of crops in the year (such as corn, beans, garlic which are harvested in the drier weather Dec.-Feb.). pangalawang ani Maisot pa ako kato, mga wayong paami pa yang, panahon it mga Hapon. I was still small then, still only about eight corn harvests old during the time of the Japanese. (sem. domains: 8.4.4 - Telling time, 6.2.5 - Harvest.)

pila₄ [pílà] 1n A scar. 2vt To heal (a wound, operation); to form a scar Nagpipila pa yang kag ako inuperahan. My incision is just now healing. Nagpapapila ako it ako inuperahan. I’m healing from my operation. 3adj Healed. pilát Pilaey kag ako ugar. My wound is already healed.

piloto [pilóto] n The pilot of a vessel. piloto Bag-o pa yang tong piloto it batel kada nagpangbabangga sa isla. The pilot of the boat is new that’s why they ran aground on the island.

pindangga [pindángga] adj Unattractive, unglamorous. pangit Usang tuig pa yang nak nakakasay sina Eba ay pay pindanggaey gimuyatan sida. Eba had been married only one year ago but she’s now unattractive to look at.

radom₁ [rádom] 1.1v To shoot out of the ground like a needle especially of plants. umuusbong Naghahanra it lanas si Bunong habang nagraradom pa yang kag punla. Bunong is preparing the rice field while the grains are only just shooting like needles.

rigla [rígla] 1n Menstrual period. rigla 2vbt To menstruate; to be stained with menstrual blood. Gingririgla pa baga ikaw? Do you still menstruate? Narigla ako ay trese anyos pa yang ako. I started menstruated when I was just thirteen years old. Ingbubunakan nako kag ako baro nak nariglahan. I’m washing out my clothes that were stained with menstrual blood.

rimati₁ [rimáti] vi The constant ringing of the bells which signals the start of mass. rimati Tong nagririmatiey sa simbahan, imaw pa yang ninra it paghalin sa inra bayay. When the church bells kept ringing to signal the start of mass, it was only at that time they left their home.

tuplik-tuplik [tuplik-túplik] v To wobble from side-to-side (as of a drunk). patumba-tumba Dahil bag-ong kita pa yang it magbarkada rako kag inra nainom ag pagpauliey ay nagtutuplik-tuplikey sinra sa rayan. Because they’re just new friends they have drunk a lot and they’re wobbling from side to side on their way home.