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apa₁ [ápa] n Cone, wafers used for icecreams. apa Nagbakay tong nanay it ice cream ag ingbutang sa apa. Mother bought an ice cream and had it placed in ice cream cones. (sem. domains: - Milk products.)

imaw pa₁ [imáw pa] idiom - Convert to subentry Just then is when something happens; just as; only then. saka pa Imaw pa ra kag ida pagpasador sa ako nak maabot sida tong pahalinoney ako pa-Maynila. Just when I was leaving for Manila was when she let me know she would be arriving. syn: tama rang, hingan 1. (sem. domains: - Instinct, - Imagine.)

istampa₁ [istámpa] n Station of the cross. Tong Simana Santa ay ingpangtao ni Del kag mga istampa sa katorseng pamilya bag-o magprosisyon bawat biyernes. Last Holy Week Del distributed the stations of the cross to fourteen families before the procession started every Friday. (sem. domains: - Devout, - Religious ceremony, 4.9 - Religion.)

kupa₁ [kúpa] n Good quality cup; wine glass; goblet. kupita Kag mga hari tong unang panahon ay nag-iinom sa buyawang kupa. The King’s during those days drank from gold goblets.

pa₁ part Eventhough (as of concession contra-expectation). pa…na Ingsoksok pa nida kag yamit aber yumaey. She still wore the dress eventhough it’s old.

papa₁ [papâ] v To chew with molars. chew, cud, as of cow. (sem. domains: - Bite, chew.)

rampa₁ [rámpà] n Shallow, slight pitch, angle (as of a roof). Rampa kag pagkahuman it inra kuyungan kada nagtutuyo. Their roof has a low pitch thats why its dripping. (sem. domains: - Types of houses, - Roof.)

ripa₁ n A raffle; lottery. ripa [This is played with numbers on paper.]

rupa₁ [rupá] 1stretch arms out 1.1vi To stretch both one’s arms out on either side. Ingparupa it mga sundalo si Jesus sa krus bag-o lansangon. Jesus was made to stretch his arms out by the soldiers before he was nailed on the cross. 1.2n Armspand; one fathom (body plus arm length). dipá 22.1vt To stretch one’s arm (as when you measure something.). dipa Arupahon anay baga nimo kung pila kag kahaba it pisi? Will you stretch your arms and measure the length of the rope.

sanipa₁ [sanípà] n Mitered corner, join (as of forming the corners on a table, joining door jambs on the corners etc.).

sipa₁ [sípà] vt To kick, as with the foot. sumípà Hiposey kung indi nimo gustong sipaon. Keep quite now if you don’t want to be kicked. (sem. domains: 7.7.3 - Kick.)

sumpa₁ [súmpà] v To swear, promise on oath. Kag ida sinumpaang pangako ay magpamuyong it mga maysakit. The oath which he swore is to cure those persons who are sick.

supa₁ [supâ] v To chew with molars. (sem. domains: - Bite, chew.)

tampa₁ [tampâ] v To slap, hit the face. (sem. domains: 7.7.1 - Hit.)

tsupa₁ [tsúpa] n One cup measure. tsupa

tugpa₁ [túgpà] vbt To land on, in something (when falling or jumping). bagsakan Nagtugpa sa lanas kag ida bulador. His kite landed on the ricefield. Waya nida natunrugi kag ingtugpaan it ida natama nak pispis. He didn’t know the place where the bird that he shot landed.

upa₁ [upá] 1n Rice husk (as of the outside of the rice grain); chaff. ipá Abang ramo pa it upa kag inra bugas. Their rice has lots of husk in it. (sem. domains: - Winnow grain.) 2vt To use rice chaff for some purpose. ipa Aupahan ninra kag yelo nak halin sa Lucena. They use rice chaff to pack the ice that comes from Lucena.

yupa₁ [yúpa] n Forehead. nuó (sem. domains: 2.1.1 - Head.)

hingan [híngan] 1part Only then; just, only when (as of a specific time). saka na Hinganey ako nakaydo pag alas onse. At 11 o’clock, it’s only then that I cook. Hingan kag anak natibaw pagnagugutomey. The child cries only when he’s hungry. Buko nak hingan naplastar kung nag-abotey ka bisita. The table is not to be set just when the visitors are already arriving. syn: imaw pa, tama rang. (sem. domains: - Say farewell, - After, - Before.) 2part Very little; not much Waya nako hingan nakita kag ida pagsadaw dahil nag-iistoryahan kami it ako kayungot. I didn’t see very much of her dancing because I was talking to the person next to me. (sem. domains: - Recognize, - Forget.) 3adv A little amount; not much. gaano Waya hingan it hangin ngasing. There is not much wind today. Waya ra hingan it destruso sa mga pananom katong nagligar nak bagyo., There’s not much destruction on plants during the past typhoon. (sem. domains: - Many, much, - Few, little.)

tama rang [támà rang] part Just when; just as something happens. tama ding Pag-abot nimo ay tama rang nakatapos kag rasay. You arrived just as I had finished praying. syn: imaw pa, hingan 1.