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bitin₁ [bítin] 1v To hang something from one point (as of Christmas decorations, bunch of bananas or a slaughtered animal). pabiling, bitin, sabit Nagbitin sida it abitan sa suyor. She hang up the baby hammock inside. Ibitin anay nimo kag regalo sa krismas tree. Please hang the gift on the Christmas tree. Ingbitin nida kag manok kada namatay. She hung up the chicken (by its legs) so it died. Ibitin it huwág kag nakabiling nak basket. Hang up the hanging basket by the rattan. Ibitin kag higot it batag. Hang up the bananas by the tie. (sem. domains: - Hang.) 2sta (fig) To be curtailed, cut short, left hanging, suspended (as of an activity e.g. sleep, speech or a party). Nahangit ka mga anak dahil nabitin ka inra pabayli. The children were mad because their dance was cut short. (sem. domains: - Stop something.) comp. pabitin sa krismas tri , der. bitin , der. bitinan , der. ibitin , der. pabitin

pabiling [pabíling] (der. of biling +) 1n Hanging item, decoration (as of a Christmas decoration, streamers, bunting or pendant on a gold chain). palawit Kag ida kulintas ay kabug-at tong pabiling. Her necklace has a heavy hanging pendant. (sem. domains: 8.3.8 - Decorated, - Hang.) 2v To hang, attach a hanging item, decoration (as of curtains, chandelier or one's feet over the edge of something). (sem. domains: - Hang.)