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badar sa pagpabunyag [bádar sa pagpabúnyag] (comp. of badar, pabunyag) n Baptismal fee. [lit: payment for-having-somebody-baptized] bayad sa pagpabinyag (sem. domains: 4.9.5 - Practice religion.)

pabunyag [pabúnyag] (der. of bunyag) v 1To have, make somebody water plants. (sem. domains: - Irrigate, 6.2.1 - Growing crops.) 2To get, have an infant baptized, christened by a priest or minister (as of by sprinkling water on the child). [This is an initiation ceremony in the Christian church which is performed according to the beliefs of the particular denomination e.g. either sprinkling of infants or immersion of older children and adults.] (sem. domains: - Christianity, 4.9.5 - Practice religion.) comp. badar sa pagpabunyag , der. pagpabunyag

pagpabunyag [pagpabúnyag] (der. of pabunyag, bunyag) n/ger 1Watering of plants by somebody; getting, making somebody water plants. (sem. domains: - Irrigate, 6.2.1 - Growing crops.) 2Baptism, christening of an infant by a priest or minister; getting, having an infant baptized, christened by a priest or minister (as of by the sprinkling of water on the child). (sem. domains: - Christianity, - Religious ceremony, - Religious purification.)

kugos [kúgos] vt 1To carry or hold in arms. karga Ikaw baga kag nagkugos it ako anak? Were you the one who carried my child in your arms? (sem. domains: - Baby, - Care for a baby.) 2To sponsor a child during his baptism. pasán Ako ay nagkugos it ida anak tong pabunyag. I sponsored the child during his baptism. syn: anak sa bunyag. (sem. domains: - Rear a child.)

talikor₁ [talikór] 1vbt To turn one’s back towards somewhere; to turn one’s back on something or somebody; to reject. talikod Waya nida ako namalayi dahil sida ay nagtatalikor pag-abot nako. She didn’t notice me because she was turning her back as I arrived. (sem. domains: - Move straight without turning.) 2v To break a contract; to breach a contract. Kabay pang indi nimo gitalikuran ka ato pinirmahang kontrata. I hope you will not break the contract we have signed. (sem. domains: - Break a contract.) 3v To turn one's back on one’s sin; to stop, give up a certain sin or vice (figurative). talikod “Maghinuysoy kamo ag talikuri ka inro mga kasal-anan ag magpabunyag para kamo mapatawar it Dios” Repend and turn your backs on your sin and be baptized so you can be forgiven by God. Ingtalikuran nida kag ida bisyo nak magpanigarilyo it kag nagka sakit sida. He gave up his vice of smoking when he became sick. (sem. domains: 4.9.6 - Heaven, hell.) der. panalikor