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aghas [ághas] dial. var. of gahasa der. pangaghas To rape somebody.

agunisar [agunísar] vi To gasp, be short of breath or breathless in agony (as of when one is in great pain and about to die). kinakapos ang paghinga Nag-agunisar tong naligis nak anak bag-o namatay. The child cried in agony before he died after being run over. (sem. domains: 2.2.1 - Breathe, breath.)

amor-amor [amor-amór] n Love; loving feelings. pag-ibig Wayang gador sida’t ka-amor-amor sa ida napangasawa dahil sugaroy. She really has no loving feelings towards her husband because he is a gambler. (sem. domains: - Like, love, 2.6.1 - Marriage.)

antimano [antimáno] adv Suddenly; immediately; unexpectedly; straight away. kapagdaka, biglâ Nakabati ako antimano pagkarungog it mga yupok it baril. I was suddenly awakened when I heard the gunshots. syn: gulpi 1, kibot 2, it yang, bigla 2. (sem. domains: - Sudden.)

ataman [atáman] dial. var. of pahinunor

awat [awát] 1adj Tedious. Maawat kaling trabaho! This work is very tedious! (sem. domains: - Slow.) 2vi To waste, take a lot of time; to find something tedious. nakakapagod Inaawatan ako magbutang it azucar sa selopen. I find putting sugar in the cellophane bags very tedious. (sem. domains: - Slow.) 3vt To be distracted, interrupted, disturbed, delayed, detained somebody or something. balam Naawat ako it ida kabibisaya. I was distracted by what he said. Naawat ako sa pag-aray it ida pagbinisaya. I was disturbed in my studies by her continuous talking. Badaey sida giawata. Don’t disturb her anymore. (sem. domains: - Delay.) der. maawat

aya ako giistoryahe papagto ka pa yang pabalikey ako [ayâ akó gi-istoryáhe, papágto ka pa yang, pabálikey akó] (comp. of istorya, papagto, yang, pabalik, ey) say Don't make excuses to me!; don't try and tell me that! (as of a rebuke by an older person to a child or youth when he recognizes that they are making implausable excuses or telling lies. He tells them they are still just growing up and learning about life but he's already tried all those things while growing up himself now he's on the way back, perhaps to the "second childhood" of old age. It's like the English "been there, done that.") [lit: don't tell me stories, you are just going somewhere, I am already returning"] (sem. domains: - Saying, proverb.)

badar sa pagpabunyag [bádar sa pagpabúnyag] (comp. of badar, pabunyag) n Baptismal fee. [lit: payment for-having-somebody-baptized] bayad sa pagpabinyag (sem. domains: 4.9.5 - Practice religion.)

bao [ba-ó] n Animal species; land turtle, tortoise. pagóng (sem. domains: - Turtle.) der. bao-bao

bendisyon [bendísyon] 1n Blessing, benediction (as of a closing prayer often accompanied by raising a hand or placing a hand on somebody's head). (sem. domains: - Pray, - Religious ceremony.) 2v To bless, pray a benediction (as of a closing prayer often accompanied by raising a hand or placing a hand on somebody’s head. pagpapala Ingbendisyunan it pari kag inra bag-ong motor. Their new motor boat was blessed by the priest. (sem. domains: - Pray, - Religious ceremony.)

birgo [bírgo] n Virgin. malinis ang pagkababae Bukoey sida bergo dahil inggahasa sida it mga adik tong maisot pa sida. She’s not a virgin anymore because she was raped by some drug addict when she was still small. (sem. domains: - Unmarried.)

bisaya₂ [bisayá] v To scold, rebuke, speak harshly to somebody. pagalitan, mura Nagpapangbisaya si Nanay nak waya kita gitalinto sa ato trabahuon. Mother is scolding because we do not attend to our work. Ingbisar-an kag anak it ida tatay nak waya gibantayi kag binuyar nak payay. The child was scolded by his father because he didn’t watch the drying rice. syn: mulay, mura. (sem. domains: - Rebuke.) der. abisar-an , der. abisayahan , der. pangbisaya

bulig dum-ok [búlig dúm-ok] (comp. of bulig, dum-ok) id 1Help given with ulterior, self-serving motives (as of someone helping in order to receive gain). hindi taos na pagtulong Bulig dum-ok kag inghuman nida sa ida amo dahil ingkumpyansahan sida pero ingtakawan pa nida. What she did to her boss was to help with ulterior motives because she was trusted but still stole things. (sem. domains: - Cheat.) 2Help in oppressing, putting somebody down (as of joining with others against somebody). (sem. domains: - Hinder, - Unfriendly.)

diretsuhan kag pag-ingkor [diretsúhan kag pag-íngkor] (comp. of diretso, diretsuhan, ingkor) adj Sitting up straight (as of with good posture or sitting on the edge of the seat). tuwid na pag-upo Diretsuhan kag pag-ingkor it hari sa ida trono. The King sits up straight on the edge of his throne. (sem. domains: 7.1.7 - Straight posture, 7.1.2 - Sit.)

domingo di paskwa [Domíngo di Páskwa] (comp. of domingo, paskwa) n Easter Sunday. Linggo ng pagkabuhay (sem. domains: - Christianity, - Special days.)

duduso [dudúso] (der. of duda) n A suspicious, critical person (as of towards others). mapaghinala Inggwa’t bisaya nak “pag ikaw ay duduso ikaw ay bisyuso”. There’s a saying that “If you suspect that somebody is doing evil against you then you are the one doing evil”. (sem. domains: - Suspect.) comp. kag tawong bisyuso ay duduso sa kapwa , comp. pag ikaw ay duduso ikaw ay bisyuso

duminahan kag pagkatawo [duminahán kag pagkatáwo] (comp. of duminante, pagkatawo, tawo) id To dominate his personality (as of a wife who dominates a man resulting in a henpecked husband). [lit: dominate the nature] duminahan ang pagkatao Waya gusto ni Bilshan nak duminahan kag ida pagkatawo it ida asawa. Bilshan doesn’t want his wife to dominate him. (sem. domains: - Command, 4.1.6 - Disunity.)

eksamin [eksámin] 1n Examination. (sem. domains: - Evaluate, test.) 2v To take an examination. Nag-eksamin sinra sa Math. They took an exam in Math. (sem. domains: - Evaluate, test.) 3v To examine somebody/something; to undergo an examination; to check up on somebody. pagsusulit Ida ako aeksaminon kung di sakit kag ako puso. She’ll examin me to see if my heart is ailing. (sem. domains: - Evaluate, test.)

gradwasyon [gradwásyon] n Graduation, final program in a school, college. pagtatapos Kag graduwasyon it ako anak ay sa masunor nak dominggo. My child’s graduation is next week. syn: tapos 2.1, gradwar. (sem. domains: 3.6.2 - School, - Last, - Ceremony, - Complete, finish, 3.2.2 - Learn, - Study.)

gugma [gúgmà] (irreg. infl. higugma) n Love. pag-ibig Indi matakos kag ida gugma sa ako. His love for me could not be measured. syn: palangga 1. (sem. domains: - Pleased with, 3.4.1 - Feel good, 3.4 - Emotion, - Like, love.)

hagak-hingab [hagak-hingáb] vi To faint; to be unconscious. agaw-agaw ang paghinga Naghahagak-hingabey kag anak nak maisot yangey nayumos. The child who almost get drowned was nearly fainting. (sem. domains: - Hospital, 2.5.1 - Sick, 2.4.2 - Weak, - Sound, 2.4.4 - Tired, - Doctor, nurse, - Types of sounds.)

hawaangan [hawa-ángan] n Assessment; evaluation. pagtingin Nio kag imo hawangan it kaling ida trabaho? What is your assessment of his work? (sem. domains: - Evaluate, test.)

hawhaw₁ [háwhaw] vt To shake off the soil that remains clinging when pulling up weeds. To clean, cut rice stalks by shaking with hands. pagpag Kung sida ay naghihilamon inahawhaw gador nida kag mga hinilamon. When she pulls the weeds, she makes sure to shake off the soil that remains clinging to them. (sem. domains: - Soil, dirt, - Leave.) der. hawhawon , der. hinawhawan

hayhat [háyhat] adj Snobbish, proud. mapagmataas Abang hayhat tong ida unang nobya. His first girlfriend was very snobbish. (sem. domains: - Proud, - Despise someone.)

himali [himalî] v To itch during healing. pagaling Kag ida ugar ay naghihimaliey kada perming katoy. Her sore feels itchy as it’s healing so it’s always itchy. (sem. domains: - Recover from sickness.)