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nawar-an it pag-asa [nawár-an it pag-ása] n Lost hope. (sem. domains: - Hopeless.)

pag-asa [pag-ása] (der. of asa) n/ger Hope, hoping, having hope, confidence, assurance, a reason to live a good life in some way. Wayaey tan-a si Eddie it pag-asa nak mabuhi tong mahuyog sa kahoy maado yang ay ingsakay sida sa eroplano pa Manila. Eddie would have had no hope of living when he fell from the tree, it was good that he was airlifted to Manila. (sem. domains: - Hope.)

asensoy [asénsoy] (comp. of asenso, ey) adj Improved; prospered (as of one's lifestyle). Maado pa sinra, ruhang tuig pa yang it pag-asawa ay asinsoy kag inra pangabuhi. They are doing well, they’ve only been married two years and have already improved their way of life. (sem. domains: 4.3.8 - Change behavior, 4.4.1 - Prosperity.)

bay-anan [bay-ánan] adj Doubly related by marriage (as of when two siblings from one family are married to two siblings from another family). palitan Sinra ay bay-anan sa pag-asawa dahil ruhang magmanghor sinra nak nag-asawa ra it ruhang magmanghor ra. The are doubly related by marriage because two siblings married two siblings as well. (sem. domains: 2.6.1 - Marriage.)

masyaro [masyáro] (irreg. infl. masyado) 1vi To become worse; to become sicker. lumala Nagpapakamasyaro kag ako sip-on. My cold is getting worse. syn: suay, grabe. 2adj Masyaroy ra abi kag ida sakit tong inaraya sida sa ospital kada wayaey it pag-asa. He’s illness was so bad when he was brought to the hospital that it’s a hopeless case now.

mayangkag nak bukir [mayángkag nak búkir] adj Lonely place (includes feeling). malungkot na bundok Pag-asawa ni Nory hagto sinra gi-istar sa Mayangkag nak bukir. When Nory was married they lived in that lonely place.

ngiti [ngitî] v To smile, grin in forced manner (as of showing one’s teeth). Nagngiti yang sida pag-asawa it ida nobyo. She just forced a smile when her boyfriend got married.

pana-pana [pana-pánà] adj Doubly related by marriage (as of older sibling of one family marrying younger sibling of another family and vice versa). Kag amo pag-asawa ay pana-pana dahil nak si Manong ay kag asawa ay ako manghor ag ako asawa ay ida manghor. We’re doubly related by marriage because my older brother-in-law is the husband of my younger sister and my husband is his younger brother.

piga₁ [pigá] v To hinder, prevent physically. hadlang Waya it mapiga sa ida pag-asawa it byuda. No one will prevent him marrying the widow.

sigurista [sigurísta] adj Security-conscious; cautious; not willing to take a risk, especially with regards to money. sigurista Sa pag-asawa ay dapat kono nak maging sigurista ka dahil sabaling indi kaya nak magbuhi it pamilya ka nagpapangrayaga sa imo. When planning to marry, they said that you should be cautious about the one who is proposing marriage to you because he might not be able to support a family.