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pakoy [pákoy] n A species of largely uncultivated banana, which has seeds. It is eaten by monkeys, but the flowers have medicinal value and can also be eaten. saging-matsing [The young inflorescences are used as food. When boiled they make an excellent vegetable or, served with dressing, an excellent salad. The sap is vulnerary and used for urethral injections in gonorrhoea.] Musa Errans (sem. domains: - Traditional medicine.)

pakoykoy [pakóykoy] v To be carried in one’s arms. pakarga Nagpakoykoy katong anak dahil ingsasagnat. The child had to be carried in his arms because he had a fever.

koykoy₁ [kóykoy] vt To cuddle; to carry in one’s arms (usually a child). karga Nagpakoykoy kag anak nak indi sida kapanaw dahil sa hubag sa siki. The child asked to be carried in the arms, because she can’t walk due to the swelling on her foot. (sem. domains: - Care for a baby.)