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aya ako giistoryahe papagto ka pa yang pabalikey ako [ayâ akó gi-istoryáhe, papágto ka pa yang, pabálikey akó] (comp. of istorya, papagto, yang, pabalik, ey) say Don't make excuses to me!; don't try and tell me that! (as of a rebuke by an older person to a child or youth when he recognizes that they are making implausable excuses or telling lies. He tells them they are still just growing up and learning about life but he's already tried all those things while growing up himself now he's on the way back, perhaps to the "second childhood" of old age. It's like the English "been there, done that.") [lit: don't tell me stories, you are just going somewhere, I am already returning"] (sem. domains: - Saying, proverb.)

papag [pápag] n Table, made of bamboo. papag, misa Kabali rag higra sa papag pagkatapos it kaon. It’s also nice to sleep on the bamboo table after eating.

papagto idiom - Convert to subentry (length) going to (width) also going to: area, expanse (as of land bounderies). Kag sakop it Odiongan ay papagto sa Panique ag papagto ray sa Tugis. The area of Odiongan includes going to Panique and the width also goes to Tugis. comp. aya ako giistoryahe papagto ka pa yang pabalikey ako

abuno₁ [abúno] 1v To add money that is lacking; to make up the difference, lack or deficit of money; to pay what remains of a debt. Kag ida pamasahe nak kuyang papagto sa Simara ay ako ging-abunuhan. His fare was not enough to get him to Simara so I added to it. syn: rugang 1, rugli. (sem. domains: - Pay, - Increase.) 2vbt To assume, transfer somebody’s debt (so that the debt will now be paid by or to the payer). nag-abuno Aabunuhan nako kag imo utang ruto sa tinrahan. I’ll assume your debt there at the store. (sem. domains: - Repay debt.) der. abunado

amo-amo₁ [amo-ámò] (der. of amo) vt To cajole, persuade someone to cooperate; to comfort, pacify with gentle words. inamo-amo, aliwin Ingamo-amo sida it ida nanay para yang magpauli. He was cajoled by his mother so as to go home. Si Aljun ay ako gingamo-amo para magnunot papagto sa doctor. I comforted Aljun with gentle words so that he would come with me to the doctor. (sem. domains: - Persuade.)

gayak₂ [gayák] vi To plan to do something. plano Naggayak sinra papagto sa uma pero naabutan sinra it uyan. They planned to go to the farm but they were caught by the rain. (sem. domains: - Plan.)

ginan [gínan] v To set out, leave on a journey. naggayak Kag pamilya ni Angel ay nagginan papagto sa syudad. The family of Angel set out for the city. (sem. domains: 8.4 - Time, - Away from, - Walk, - Mention, 3.3.4 - Ask permission, - Say farewell.)

hakbang [hákbang] vbt To step out a certain distance to measure something. hákbang Kung sa kusina ka, pilang hakbang papagto sa sala? If you’re in the kitchen, how many steps can you make to reach the living room? (sem. domains: - Many, much, - Walk, 8.2.6 - Distance, - Approximate.)

igor₁ [ígor] vt 1To flatten, level, press a surface with something heavy (as of by rolling, leveling, ironing etc.). (sem. domains: - Flat.) 2To "walk" something heavy by moving it from side-to-side on it’s end (as of when moving heavy furniture). usog Apaiguron nato kag drum papagto sa bodega adong kag gamit ay indi mabasag. I’ll walk the drum to the bodega on its and so the things don’t break. (sem. domains: 7.2.1 - Manner of movement.)

katarungan₁ [katarúngan] n Justice; justification; righteousness. katarungan Ingpapaglaban it mga Kristiyano nak kag katarungan it Diyos imaw it maghari dili sa banwa. Christians are fighting for the righteousness of God to reign in this place. (sem. domains: 4.7.9 - Justice.)

lantar [lántar] n Apron pouch, mostly for money (as on the front of a conductor’s shopkeeper’s belt, apron; perhaps for clothes pins). Katong kundúktor it dyip ay igwa’t lantar. That jeep conductor has a money pouch on his belt. Nakalimutan nako magraya it lantaran papagto sa barko para magtinra it coke. I forgot to take the apron with the money pouch when going to the ship to sell coke.

ligir [lígir] (irreg. infl. liger) 1.1vi To roll over, or down (usually objects but can also be of people). gumulong Nagpapangligir kag mga nidog sa baguntor. The coconuts are rolling down the hill. 1.2vt To roll an object down something or over something. Kag mga nidog ay ingpapaligir ruto sa lugitan. The coconuts are being rolled down to where they will make copra. Naligiran kag anak it bato ag namatay. The child was rolled over by a rock and died. 1.3vt To roll, tumble a drum on it’s side. Apaligiron nako kag drum papagto sa bodega. I’ll roll the drum over to the store-room. (sem. domains: - Move in a circle.)

masikip [masikíp] 11.1adj Not smooth; sticky. 22.1adj Crowded; narrow; tight fitting (as in clothing). masikip Masikip kag rayan ag buko espaltado papagto kana Leonisa. The road going to Leonisa’s house is narrow and not asphalted. syn: makipot, makitir.

pagot [págot] vi To grind, gnash one’s teeth. ngalit nang ngipin Nagpapagot si Boy kung katuyog. Boy is grinding his teeth when sleeping. (sem. domains: - Tooth.)

pagot kag ngisi [págot kag ngísi] v To grind one’s teeth. Indi sida mag-ubay sa ida manghor dahil nagpapagot kag ngisi ay indi sida matuyugan. He won’t sleep beside his brother because he grinds his teeth so he can’t sleep.

pangmarako-rako [pangmarako-ráko] v To make oneself look important. nagmamalaki Nagpapagmarako-rakoey sida ngasing nak siday it mayor sa inra banwa. He now makes himself look important now that he’s the mayor in their town.

pangwanrang [pangwánrang] vbt To move something to somewhere; to transfer something somewhere. lipat Apangwanrangon nako kaling mga de lata sa taguan papagto sa kusina. I will move these canned goods from the storeroom to the kitchen.

puna-puna [puna-punâ] v To travel in groups. grupo-grupo Nagpuna-puna kag mga nagmamartsa papagto sa Malacañang. The marchers traveled in groups heading to Malacañang.

sagahay [sagáhay] n Flow or direction of the crowd. direksyon Kag sagahay it mga nagrarayagang tawo ay papagto sa amo. The direction of the running crowd was towards us.

sita₂ [síta] vt To hire for one’s use, such as to hire a boat. arkila Nagsita sinra it motor papagto sa Sibali. They hired a motorboat in going to Sibali. syn: arkila 2.

sonson [sónson] vt To follow after; to trace; to summon or fetch somebody. sundan Ingsonson it iro kag ako ingrayanan papagto sa banwa. The dog followed my path to town. Ginsonson it pulis kag anak sa eskwelahan nak nagpanakaw it manok. The child that stole the chicken was fetched in school by the police. (sem. domains: 7.6.1 - Search, - Police.)

supak [súpak] vt To go on :journey. patuloy Nagsupak si Lasyo papagto sa kayhasan. Lasyo went on a journey straight to the jungle.

tayang [táyang] 11.1vi To get lost on the way. ligaw Kami ay nagtayang papagto kana Arsing bayay. We lost our way going to Arsing’s house. Angay, nagtayang si Pet papagto sa punsyunan. Good, Pet got lost on the way to the banquet. syn: suhag, yaag 1. 22.1v To miss the mark, target when doing something; to misjudge one’s aim; to be inaaccurate. Kag pagbaril nida sa pispis ay waya natama dahil nagtayang kag ida puntariya. When he was shooting the bird he didn’t hit it because he missed his aim.

tiktik₁ [tíktik] 1v To spy on somebody. tiktik Ako naayaman nak kag asawa ni Ben ay ingtitiktikan sida kung nagpapagto sa inuman. I learned that Ben’s wife is spying on him when he goes to a drinking party. syn: antaw, lantaw, tiir, munra. (sem. domains: - Study.) 2n Detective; private detective. (sem. domains: - Study.)

timaan [timaán] n A landmark; sign or signboard. palatandaan Kag marakong timaan it ’’San Miguel Corp’’ ay makikita papagto sa Odiongan. The biggest signboard of ’’San Miguel Corp’’ could be seen going into Odiongan.
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