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papeles [papeles] n Documents; important papers. (sem. domains: - Word.)

harang [hárang] 1vbt To stop with outstretched hands; to block something, somebody from passing. Ingharangan sinra it inra mga nakaaway sa banwa. They were blocked on the way by those that they encountered in a fight in the town. (sem. domains: - Block, dam up.) 2n Blockage; barricade; something to waylay, stop, hinder someone. (sem. domains: - Block, dam up.) 3vt To prevent something from occurring; to hinder something. harang Sida kag naghaharang it ako mga papeles para sa trabaho. She’s the one who is preventing my papers for the work from being processed. syn: bayabag 4, sagang 1, sapong, abang, taming. (sem. domains: - Hinder.) comp. karamo kag ingkakahadlukang mga harang nak ato makita sa ato pagpanaw, pag ipaling nato kag ato pagmuyat sa rumbuhan

paki₁ [páki] part Please. paki Kung maari ay paki tao kaling mga papeles sa opisina ingsasagnat busa ako. If possible will you please give these papers to the office because I have a fever.

panghawir [pangháwir] (der. of hawir) n To hold a copy of something. Kag sekretarya kag nagtago it tanang hawir it mga papeles it kompanya. The secretary kept all the copies of all the papers of the company. (sem. domains: - Copy, 4.6.2 - Citizen.)

pangpahanlas [pangpahánlas] n Money to made things happen; money bribe to grease the wheels. Waya nida gitaw-i it pangpahanlas tong sekretaryo kitang waya natapos tong ida mga papeles nak ingpapahuman. He didn’t give a money bribe to the secretary to grease the wheels so that’s why the papers were not finished.

pasakop [pasákop] vt To submit something somewhere, to somebody. pasakop, pailalim Ipasakop nako tong mga papeles sa abugado para ida mapag-arayan. I’ll submit the documents to the lawyer so he can study it.

pasiladon₂ [pasiládon] vt To do something simultaneously with something else; to have two purposes in one action. pinakipadala Ingpasiladon yangey kang Betty it katong imo puno kag pagraya it mga papeles pa-Manila. Betty’s boss had her take the papers along with her when she went to Manila. Ingpasiladon nida sa paglibang it ida anak kag pagtawag sa mga bisita. She went to call the visitors and at the same time entertained her baby. Mapasiladon baga it pabakay it buyong pag pa Odiongan nak mapamaraka? Will you buy me some medicine in Odiongan at the same time you do your shopping? (sem. domains: 7.3.1 - Carry, 7.3.2 - Move something in a direction.)

samuyakot₂ [samuyákot] vi To be messed up, such as files, or alphabetized cards; to disarrange something; to be mixed up; confused (as of speed). halu-halo Nagsamuyakot kag papeles para sa tinrahan ag sa opisina dahil inghakar it anak. Her paperworks for the store and office were disarranged because it was messed by the child. Nagsamuyakotey kag ida bisaya kada pay indiey sida gipatihan it tawo. Her speech is all mixed up so people won’t believe her.

timbre [tímbre] vbt To stamp with an official mark. timbre Atimbrehan anay nako kali bag-o isumite. I have to seal this first before I submit it. Gingbutangan ni Oso it timbre kag ako papeles. Oso stamped my papers.

usisa₁ [usísà] 1adj Examined, scrutinized or looked at carefully. (sem. domains: - Examine.) 2v To examine, scrutinize something; to look carefully at something. busisi Ingpaka-usisaà pang gador nida kung wayaey it sala kag ida mga papeles nak itatao sa opisina. She carefully examined the papers to be submitted to see that they had no mistakes. (sem. domains: - Examine.)

wagit-wagit₂ [wagit-wagít] adj Scattered, lost, misplaced. kalat-kalat Kag mga papeles it inra bayay ay wagit-wagit kada indi makita. The deeds of their house were misplaced that’s why they could not be found.

yanat [yánat] (dial. var. anat) v To follow, chase, go after somebody in order to catch-up with them. sumunod Iyayanat yang nako kaling mga papeles sa opisina pag nataposey. These papers will just be forwarded to you when it’s finished. (sem. domains: 7.2.6 - Pursue.) der. payanat

yusot [yusót] 11.1vi To pass, fall, go, drop through or between something. lusot Ingyugnot nida kag kuray agur indi makayusot kag baktin. He made the fence close together so the pig can’t pass through. 1.2vi To drop something through or between an opening or space. Ingpayusot it anak sa gawang it sayog kag ida pagkaon. The child dropped his food through the space in the floor. 22.1vbt To pass an examination; to go through a legal process. Nakayusot sida sa eksamin sa pagkaabugado. She passed the examination to become a lawyer. Nakayusot kag ida papeles aber waya’t perma it Mayor. Her papers were able to be processed even though they weren’t signed by the mayor. der. yusutan