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patukar [patukár] v To go out of town, uphill to the farm; upstream; uphill. salúnga, pabukid Pagkabaligya it inra rayang bundo, nagpatukar sinra. After the root crops they brought were sold, they went uphill to the farm. (sem. domains: - Up.)

patukar-patugbong [patukár-patugbóng] v Up and down as of a road. (sem. domains: - Down, - Up.)

ay pauno [ay pá-uno] (comp. of ay, pauno) interj What else could I do!; just because!; nothing can be done about it! how could I do that! (as of the response to mitigating or unchangeable circumstances). ay paano Ay pauno ra nako matapos waya ra ikaw it gamit. How could I finish though, you don’t have any materials left to use. Ay pauno mapatukar tan-a ako pero masakit ra kag ako anak. What else can I do, I was to have gone up country but then my child got sick. (sem. domains: 9.2.5 - Conjunctions.)

ray 11.1part Again; back again; repeat; return again (as of a repeated action). naman Mapatukar ray ako. I am going back up to the hills again. Imbisar-an ngani ray sida ni Nanay. She was really scolded again by mother. Asing waya ray ikaw napagto sa amo? Why didn’t you come to our place again? Pirmi ray sidang inom ngasing nak di kwarta. He always returns again to drink whenever he has money. Ngasing yang ray ako mapaMaynila. I just go back to Manila again today. 22.1part Instead, (as of shift of viewpoint). Nagtatrabaho ray ra baga kuno ikaw ruto? Do they say that you’re working there instead? 33.1part Next one to do something similar in a series (as of turn taking and a mild imperative). Sida ray kag ikaga magpamasyar. She’s the next one I’ll invite to go for a stroll. Ikaw ray! You go next!

suyô [suyô] 1vbt To use, put a torch somewhere to give light. Nagsuyo ako sa rayan patukar. I used a torch to light the way uphill. Asuyu-an namo kag likor nak rayaag. I will put a torch in the backyard to give light. Asuyuon it mga kayaki kag mga rayaga nak mapagto sa pabaylihan. The men will use a torch to give the young women light when they take them to the dance. (sem. domains: 5.5.1 - Light a fire.) 2vt To make something into a torch. Nagbaoy sida it kwadan nak asuyuon. He got bamboo to make into a torch. (sem. domains: 5.5.1 - Light a fire.) 3n Torch; flare (as of something burning which is carried to light one’s way). sulo Naghuman sinra it suyî nak (paywa it nidog) para ipangpanuyî. They made a torch of coconut leaves for gathering seashells. [The most common kind of torch is a bayabág, made of dried coconut leaves.] (sem. domains: 5.5.1 - Light a fire, 5.5.5 - What fires produce.) 4vi To go fishing for octopus/shellfish/crabs at low tide at night time with a torch or lantern. sulo Nagpanuyo sinra it gab-i. They went fishing for octopus at low tide last night. (sem. domains: 6.4.5 - Fishing, - Fishing equipment.) der. panuyo

tukar₁ [tukár] vi 1To go uphill; to ascend; to go to the farm. Nagtukar sida sa baguntor ag roto ay nagpangbadabas. He went up the hill and there he picked guava fruit. 2To go home to the farm (not necessarily uphill but usually so). Ahuyaton anay ninra katong tag-iya it tinrahan bag-o sinra magtukar sa bukir. They will wait first for the store owner before they will go to the farm. Pag-abot it gab-i, nagpapatukar kag mga tawo. When the night comes, the people go home to the farm.

tukar₂ [tukár] vt To play music. patugtog Sina Maculada ay perming patukar it kaset kada gab-i. Maculada always plays music in their cassette recorder every night.