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pawar-an [pawar-an] (der. of waya) adj 1To let make something disappear, as of emptying a jar of water. (sem. domains: - Exist, - Appear.) 2To make there be none, as of letting money run out, depriving someone of money. (sem. domains: - Spend.)

waya [wayâ] (irreg. infl. ya; irreg. infl. uya) 1To not show up; to be absent, missing. (sem. domains: - Absent.) 1.1sta Is not there (as of negative statement of location). wala Waya si Nanay sa bayay. Mother is not in the house. Waya raha sinra. They are not there. (sem. domains: - Absent.) 22.1vi To be out of something; to have something consumed and nothing left for one; to be emptied of the contents (i.e as of a container). Mawawar-an ako’t tinapay pag ako ita-o kaling ausa sa imo. I will have nothing if I give you the only piece of bread. Nawar-an sida it pamasahe. She has none left for the fare. Ingwar-an sida it suya it ida mga manghor. All the viand was consumed by her younger siblings leaving nothing for her. Ingpawar-an nida it suyor kag gining. She emptied the water pot of its contents. (sem. domains: - Absent.) 33.1part To be missing; to not be present; not here/there. Waya dili ka ako antityuhos. My glasses aren’t here. Waya pa baga dili ka imo tatay? Isn’t your father here yet/ (sem. domains: - Absent.) 3.2sta To be missing; to be lost. Pay igwa’t mga nawawaya sa ato grupo. It seems some are missing in our group. 3.3vt To lose or misplace something. Ingwaya kag ako dawi it mga anak sa bayay. The children lost my keys to the house. (sem. domains: - Forget.) 44.1neg Did not (as of past and continous actions). Waya kami nakapa Maynila. We have not been to Manila. comp. ayos yang maado ra sa waya , comp. bali-waya , comp. kinabuhing wayat katapusan , comp. waya gihahalin ka ida pagbisaya , comp. waya kita nagkaintyendihan , comp. wayat buot , comp. wayat dipekto , comp. wayat diperensya , comp. wayat ibuhi , der. baliwaya , der. nawar-an , der. pawar-an , id. nak waya