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payusot v To smuggle, find ways to bypass legalities and get somebody or something to a certain destination (as of travelling on a boat without a ticket or carrying fireworks etc. to a place illegally). (sem. domains: - Smuggle.)

payusot-yusot [payusot-yúsot] v To fumble ball passing it back and forth in a game. Nakahom tong nagbakoy it bola dahil nagpayusot-yusot kag bola nak waya nasambat. The batter had a home run upon striking the ball because the ball was not caught and then fumbled passing it back and forth between the players.

yusot [yusót] 11.1vi To pass, fall, go, drop through or between something. lusot Ingyugnot nida kag kuray agur indi makayusot kag baktin. He made the fence close together so the pig can’t pass through. 1.2vi To drop something through or between an opening or space. Ingpayusot it anak sa gawang it sayog kag ida pagkaon. The child dropped his food through the space in the floor. 22.1vbt To pass an examination; to go through a legal process. Nakayusot sida sa eksamin sa pagkaabugado. She passed the examination to become a lawyer. Nakayusot kag ida papeles aber waya’t perma it Mayor. Her papers were able to be processed even though they weren’t signed by the mayor. der. yusutan