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pi-pi [pí-pì] 11.1adj Beaten flat; flattened (as of beaten metal). 1.2vbt To beat metal flat. pípì Apipi-an ka nako’t mga kitsi nak humanong pangkiling-kiling. I’ll beat flat the bottle tops for you to use in the tamborine. syn: timi 1, timi 3, yupi. 22.1v To beat the adam’s apple of a chicken prior to cutting the throat when slaughtering it (as this flattens the blood vessels and the blood draws away from the neck and stops it spurting out when cut). Pi-pia anay kinang liog it manok bag-o yuyuon. Beat the neck of the chicken before slitting it’s throat. 33.1vt To pat somebody lightly, gently on the body (as when putting a child to sleep). Para magkatuyog kag anak ida kali impi-pi sa igot. To put the child to sleep, she patted him lightly on the bottom. syn: pikpik, ragpak 1.

pikpik₂ [píkpik] vt To pat somebody lightly on the body (as in putting a child to sleep). Para magkatuyog kag anak, ida kali ingpikpik sa siki. To make he child sleep she patted him lightly in his feet. syn: ragpak 1, pi-pi 3.1.

ragpak [rágpak] 1n A slap, swat. syn: pikpik, pi-pi 3.1. 2vbt To slap; to swat (as of a mosquito on one’s body). sampal Ingragpak nida kag lamok sa agtang it anak. He slapped the mosquito on the child’s forehead. Ingragpakan nako sida it lamok sa braso. I slapped her on the arm where there was a mosquito.

timi [tímì] 1adj Dented; crushed; out of shape (as of metal, plastic); deformed. tupi Timi tong ako nabatong regalo. The gift I received was crushed. syn: pi-pi 1.2, timi 3, yupi. 2sta To become dented, crushed, etc. (as of tin, plastic) Natimi kag planggana nak nahuyog sa hagran. The washbasin that fell down the stairs became dented. Natimi kag balde tong nabagsakan it ragkong-bato. The bucket became dented when the big rock crashed down on it. 3vt To dent, crush something intentionally. Ingtimi nida kag inra kaserola dahil sa kahangit sa ida asawa. He dented their cooking pot because of his anger at his wife. syn: timi 1, pi-pi 1.2, yupi.

yupi [yúpì] v To crush metal; to flatten metal; to crumple metal (as of tin cans, a car in an accident). yupi Kag ida kotse ay nayupi dahil nagbangga sa rakong punong kahoy. His car was crushed because he ran into a big tree. syn: timi 1, pi-pi 1.2, timi 3.