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apila₂ [apilá/apilár] 1n Appeal (as of a legal presentation to a court). (sem. domains: 4.7.5 - Trial.) 2v To make a legal appeal to, in a court. Tong mapirde tong inra kaso ay nag-apelar pang gador sinra. When their casewas lost they still appealed to a higher court. (sem. domains: 4.7.5 - Trial.)

pila₂ [pilá] nmrl 1How many; how much. ilán (sem. domains: 8.1.1 - Number.) 2To become few in number; to be reduced in number. (sem. domains: 8.1.1 - Number, - Less.) comp. aber pila , der. apila , id. pilang bilog , id. pilang bilog