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pinirito [piniríto] n A generic term for dishes of fried chicken, beef, pork, fish, banana, egg plant or sweet potato (sem. domains: - Cooking ingredients.)

pan-os [pán-os] adj Spoiled; stale; rice that's gone off, bad, sour. panis Mapan-osey kag pinirito nababaton ninra. The fried fish was already spoiled when they received it. (sem. domains: 5.2.3 - Types of food.)

singaw₁ [síngaw] vt To evaporate; to flow (air) between openings. singaw Nagsingaw kag mabahong amoy it karne. The air of the spoiled meat flowed outside. Atakyuban nako kag piniritong isra it sayaan agor indi makasingaw. I will cover the fried fish with a strawer so the air can come out.

somsoman [somsóman] 11.1n Food for snacks with alcoholic drinks, sometimes a prepared dog meat dish. pulotan (sem. domains: 5.2.2 - Eat.) 1.2v To eat snacks with alcoholic drinks. Asomsomanon ninra kag adobong manok. They’ll eat the fried chicken with their alcoholic drinks. Asomsomanan ninra kag inra inumon it piniritong isra. They’ll have the fried fish for their snack with alcoholic drinks. 22.1n Topic of drinking conversation. 2.2vt To talk about something while drinking. Narunggan nako nak inra ingsusomsoman si Tang Juan. I heard that they were talking about Uncle John while drinking. syn: tsismis 1, usoy.

takop₂ [takóp] n A cover for something. takip Kag pinirito sa lamesa ay ida ingbutangan it takop. She put a cover on the fried fish in the table. syn: sukyob 1.1, takyob 1.