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pintura [pintúra] 1n Paint. (sem. domains: 6.5 - Working with buildings.) 2v To apply paint, to paint. pintúra Apinturahan nako kag paso bag-o tamnan. I will first paint the flower pot before putting some plants in it. (sem. domains: 6.5 - Working with buildings.)

kuris [kurís] vt To mark, cross-out; to cancel by drawing, scribbling, lines through some paperwork. Ingkurisan yangey it tong pintor it pintura tong ida ingpipintura sa papel nak bayay dahil wayaey ra kuno sida it ataw-an. The painter crossed-out paint on the canvass which had a drawing of a house on it because he didn’t have anyone to give it to. (sem. domains: - Remove, take apart.)

masilya [masílya] v To apply space filler with a tin scraper before painting. Namasilya anay si Enting bag-o magpintura. Enting applied space filler first before painting.

plumawo [plumáwo] adj Grey colour. kulay abo Pag maghalo ka it puti ag itom nak pintura kag mayuaw ay plumawo nak pintura. If you mix white and black paint the outcome would be grey paint.

sulignom [sulígnom] n A paint for wood to prevent termites. Nagbakay si Bulog it sulignom para pinturahan kag mga kahoy it bayay. Bulog bought a paint for wood to prevent termites so that he can paint the wood in their house.

tinimpla [tinímpla] n Mixture. hinalo, timpla Nagtugas kag tinimplang pintura. That mixture of paint hardened.

yuntor [yúntor] 1n Layer, coat of something; layered stack (as of coats of paint, nail polish and a stack of plates). Ruha kag yuntor it cutex sa ako kuko. There are two coats of nailpolish on my nails. 2v To become thick, hard, dry (as of a liquid which becomes hard to use). tigas Kag pintura ay nagyuntor’ey dahil nak rugay’ey nak waya gigagamita. The paint became thick because it wasn’t used for a long time.