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pitik₃ [pitík] 11.1n The beat of one’s heart; heartbeat. pintig ng puso (sem. domains: - Heart.) 1.2v To beat specifically of the heart. Nagpakatulin kag pitik it ida puso tong magtulaytay sida sa mahaba ag makitir nak tulay. The beats of her heart became very past when she walked on a long narrow bridge. (sem. domains: - Heart.) 2to beat 2.1v To burst, break (as of a blood vessel, rope, thread). patid Nagpitik kag burdon it ida yadag kada karugay sinra makatakas. The string of his boats’ sail broke that’s why it took them a long time to reach shore. (sem. domains: - Heart, 6.6.1 - Working with cloth.) 3pain 3.1v To have recurring pain (said to be air in the veins of the spleen area which moves up through the chest). Tong nagpinamug-aton sida’t mga raya, nagpitik ray liwat ka ida panina. When she’d been lifting heavy things, the pain in her side recurred. (sem. domains: - Pain.)