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pikpik₃ [píkpik] vt To crush garlic or pepper. pokpok Ingpikpik nida tong paminta para gamiton sa adobo. She crushed the pepper to be used for the adobo recipe.

pokpok [pókpok] vt To beat; to pound an object with something. pokpok Ingpokpok nako’t bato kag nagyuyuaw nak lansang. I pounded the nail that was sticking out with a rock. Inapokpok it manogbunak kag yamit para mabay-an it buling. The washlady beats the clothes to remove the dirt. Ipangpokpok nako it lansang kaling bato dahil waya ako’t martilyo. I’ll use this rock to pound the nail because I don’t have a hammer. der. pamokpok

pukoy [pukóy] vt To hit, box somebody. pokpok, pukol Ingpukoy nida it silhig kag iro kada nag-iwik. She hit the dog with the broom that’s why it made a loud cry. syn: tikok, bakoy, lampos 2.1. (sem. domains: 7.7.1 - Hit.)

pus-ang [pús-ang] v To hit, dong somebody on the head with something held in both hands. pokpok Si Lito ay ingpus-angan it bato sa uyo it ida naging kaaway. Lito hit his enemy on the head with a rock held in both hands.

tortor [tórtor] vt To beat up somebody/something; to hit. pokpok Natortor nako it martilyo kag ida damot kada nagyamhong. I happened to hit his hand with a hammer so it became swollen.