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atubang [atúbang] 1loc Facing; in front of (as of facing somewhere); opposite (as of facing somewhere with no obstacle between). (sem. domains: - Towards.) 2v To turn and face, look toward something, somebody (as of people or objects). (sem. domains: - Turn.) 3v To willingly face up to a problem, difficult situation or person; to consciously submit to something difficult that must be gone through. hinarap Ing-atubang ni Brigs kag tanang kaaway nida. Brigs willingly faced all his opponents. (sem. domains: 3.3.1 - Decide, plan.) der. atubangan , der. paatubang

aytem [áytem] n A job, work position, vacancy. puwesto (sem. domains: 6.6 - Occupation.)

bakanti [bakántì] adj Vacant (as of a job opportunity, room, lot of land). (sem. domains: - Land, property, 6.1.5 - Unemployed, not working.)

bayuktot [bayúktot] dial. var. of balikutot

diposito₁ [dipósito] 1n Deposit of money in the bank. (sem. domains: - Store wealth.) 2v To bank, deposit money in a bank. deposito Nagdeposito sida it usang libo sa bangko sa Odiongan. He deposited 1,000 in the bank in Odiongan. (sem. domains: - Store wealth.)

diposito₂ [dipósito] n 1The inner case of a cushion, pillow that holds the stuffing or filler (It is usually made of plain cloth, unbleached calico and may be filled with kádo "kapok"). (sem. domains: - Bed.) 2Underground septic, sewage tank (as of the holding tank that allows the feces and water to separate and dissolve to form sludge). (sem. domains: - Conveying water, 2.2.8 - Defecate, feces.)

hain-hain [ha-in-há-in] v To try different positions. pina-iba-iba Ingpahain-hainan nida kag pagkugos sa anak para makatuyugan. She had to try holding the baby in different positions in order to put it to sleep. (sem. domains: - Different, - Evaluate, test, 2.6.3 - Birth, - Baby, - Care for a baby, - Special.)

hana [hanâ] 1adj Positioned and ready to compete, fight, use. umang (sem. domains: - Sports, 6.7 - Tool, - Weapon, shoot.) 2vt To get positioned and ready to compete, fight; to hold a weapon, implement poised and ready for use. Tong inra ahanaon kag inra damot para magsuntukan, ingsaway sinra it pulis. When they positioned their hand and they were ready to box at each other, the police stopped them. Inghanaan yang nida nak alapuhon kag anak, pero kali ay nagtibawey. He was just in a position towards the child to whip him, but he already cried. (sem. domains: - Sports, 6.7 - Tool, - Weapon, shoot.)

huli [hulí] 1adj The end of something; the last one. Kantahon nato kag kahuli-hulihan nak kanta sa ‘song sheet’. Let’s sing the last song on the song sheet. 2time Finally; in the end. magpáhulí Nagsaydo-saydo it tago kag anak pero sa huli ay nakita ra sida it ida kaidamo. The child moved from hiding place to hiding place but finally she was found by her playmates. (sem. domains: - Last.) 3adv Late; to be late for something. nahuli Huli sinra giparaya it mga libro sa eskwelahan. They sent the books to the school late. Nagpahuli sinra’t abot sa baylihan tong Sabado. They intended to be late for the dance last Saturday. Nahuli sida’t abot dahil ing-abaya it ida kakilaya sa rayan. She was late because she was delayed on the road by her acquaintance. (sem. domains: - Old, not new, - Not yet.) 4loc At the end of something, such as a line (as in back of a room or group of people). Sa huli kami nag ingkor kada indi makakita it maado. We sat at the back so we couldn’t see well. 5vi To go last; to put something last; save something for last. Nagpahuli sida sa miting. She went last to the meeting. Ingpahuli nako kag mga anak it pakaon. I’ll feed the children last. 6adj Last (time or position). Kag-uno kag imo huling pagto sa Manila? When was the last time you went to Manila? Kag huling nag-abot ay si Juan. John was the last one to arrive. (sem. domains: - End.) comp. bandang huli , comp. huling tubo , der. kahuli-hulihan

katungranan [katungránan] n Position of authority; office; responsibility (as in authority, work). responsibilidad Kinang tawong kina ay mataas kag ida katungranan dili sa banwang kali. That person holds a high position in this town. syn: katungkulan. (sem. domains: 4.5 - Authority, - Hortative.)

kipi₂ [kípî] 1vt To arrange one’s legs close to each other; to arrange one’s shirt modestly. kipot Kipia kag imo sada agur indi ka mabisar-an ni Lola. Arrange your skirt modestly so that you won’t be scolded by Grandma. (sem. domains: - Humble.) 2v To be knock kneed. (sem. domains: 2.1.3 - Limb.)

kung sabagay₃ [kung sabágay] conj However I understand your position; However I don’t blame you. Kung sabagay naintindihan ra nakong kabos kamo sa kwarta kada indi anay kamo nako gisukton. However I understand your position that you are hard-up for money so that’s why I won’t ask you to pay.

libot [líbot] 1vi To go around; to walk around town; to carry, take something or somebody around a place. ikot Sina Gail ag tong inra bisita ay naglibot sa banwa tong Lunes. Gail and their visitor went around the town last Monday. Ipalibot it mga tawo kag mga santos sa Semana Santa. The people will take the saints around at Easter. syn: ikot, lipos 2, tiyog 2.1. 2vi To be in a position around, close to somebody or something. Maramong tawong nakapalibot sa ida dahil nawiwili sinra it ida istorya. There were a lot of people around him because they were distracted by his story. 3vbt To take, carry something or somebody around town. Kung pista, kag mga tawo ay inglilibot kag mga santo. When it’s fiesta time, the people carry the saint around town. 4vbt To surround; to encircle. Apalibutan it mga tawo tong bayay nak hagto tong mananakaw. The people will sorround the house where the thief stays. 5loc Surroundings, around, close to. Asing karamong likot sa palibot it bayay? Why is there a lot of trash around the house? comp. napapalibutan it baguntor , der. kalibutan , der. palibot

posit [posít] adj Kid as a child , as of an affectionate term (lit. squid). (sem. domains: 4.3.8 - Change behavior.)

tuyar it posit [tuyár it posít] idiom - Convert to subentry Like a little innocent (lit: like a squid) parang bata Tong inra maguyang nak kabulig ay pay tuyar it posit nak nag-iidamo pa. Their old househelper is like a little innocent who still plays games.

una₂ [úna] 1first 1.1nmrl First. una, kauna-unahan Una nak anak sida. He’s the first child. syn: primero. 22.1vbt To be or go first; to put or do something first; to be ahead of others. Ing-una nako it bunak kag ida baro. I washed her clothes first. Aunahan nako sida it bakay it tiket. I’ll be ahead of her in buying the tickets. Igwa’t naunaey nak nagtrato it karne sa amo. There was already someone who was first in taking our order of meat. 2.2vi To cause or allow something to be taken first; to let somebody get, do, know something first or beforehand. inuna, nag-unahan Ingpaunahan nako sa mga anak kag dulse. I’ll let the children see who can get the candy first. Nagpaunahan kami it rayagan. We tried to be first in the race. Ingpaunahan nako it bisaya sida nak indi ako makapali. I let her know beforehand that I wouldn’t come. 33.1loc Front. unahan, harapan Sa unahan it linya sida gitinrog. She stood at the front of the line. 44.1vbt To lead somebody or something. nanguna Ingpangunahan nida kag pagkanta. He led the singing. Ingpapangunahan kami it Balaan nak Espiritu. We are led by the Holy Spiritu. 55.1vt To make the first payment on something that is being purchased on an installment basis. pinaunahan, nagdeposito Ingpaunahan nako it badar kag ako radyo. I made the first payment on my radio. comp. paunang badar , der. ka-una-unahan , der. pauna

abi₁ [ábi] part 1Know for sure or certain; known to be (as of certainty or a recognised fact). [This particle is the 6th position enclitic in the Verb Phrase as well as moveable.] (sem. domains: - Known, unknown.) 2For example. [This particle is the 6th position enclitic in the Verb Phrase as well as moveable, and closely follows the conditional pronoun kung "if".] (sem. domains: - Explain.) 3Please tell them to understand my importunity or inability to help (as of applying social pressure when sending a message through an intermediary regarding one's inability to respond as requested). daw Pasensya abi nak waya kami it bugas. Please say I’m sorry but we have no rice. (sem. domains: - Advise.) 4Come on, please! (as of applying social pressure to coax someone to do what is wanted). (sem. domains: - Persuade.) 5Hope so; I wish; lucky things! (as of a statement of wish or envy). (sem. domains: - Jealous, 3.3 - Want.) 6Because in someone's opinion (as of why a certain action was taken). (sem. domains: - Explain.) comp. abi nimo

aboy [abóy] part Do you think, suppose?; in your opinion?. [This particle is the 2nd position enclitic in the Verb Phrase as well as moveable.] kaya Kung ato anay aboy abuhian kag manok, indi mawagit? Do you think that if we let the chicken run free for a while it won’t get lost? Nio aboy kag imo masisiling diling bersikulo? What do you think this verse means? Pati nidog aboy ay natumba it tong bagyo? Do you think the coconuts also fell over in that typhoon? (sem. domains: 9.2.6 - Particles.)

anay₁ [ánay] part 1First; for a while; for the time being; for now; (not) yet, just yet, for a while yet (as of a polite request or delay). [This particle occurs in the Verb Phrase, as the 9th position member of enclitic particles that occur 2nd position to the verb or negator.] muna Magpahuway anay kita. Let’s rest a while first. Bag-o sida mag-aray it liksyon, nagbabasa anay sida it dyaryo. Before he studies his lessons he first reads the paper. Butangan anay ruto. Put it there for now please. Umai sida anay it balita. Tell her first what the news is. Umai sida it balita anay. Tell her the news first. Kaling maisot anay kag kaligusi bag-o kinang marako. Bath this small one first before that big one. (sem. domains: - A short time, 9.2.6 - Particles, - First.) 2Please; come on! (as of expressing polite social pressure). (sem. domains: 9.2.6 - Particles, 3.3 - Want.) 3Not just yet; not for a while yet. Indi anay kita gihalin. Let’s not leave just yet. Aya anay ikaw gikaon. Don’t eat for a while yet. (sem. domains: 9.2.6 - Particles, - After.) 4Just a minute!
Aya anay.

Just a minute!
(sem. domains: - A short time, 9.2.6 - Particles.)
comp. anay yang , comp. aya anay , comp. aya anay yang , comp. indi anay

ara [arâ] part 1Let’s try to (as of invitation). [This particle is the 13th position enclitic in the Verb Phrase.] kaya Mapanaw ara kita ruto. Let’s try to walk there. syn: marahil, siguro. (sem. domains: - Suggest, 9.2.6 - Particles.) 2Do you suppose perhaps?; I surmise, think, assume, presume (as of speculation). Kung kag inro ingtao sa inra ay kali, naubos ara? If you had given them this, do you suppose it would have all been given away by now (assumption: it is not all gone yet). Kung ikaw ara kag ida ingbadaan, mahahangit ka? Do you think perhaps that if he’d neglected you, you would be angry? Pati nidog ara ay natumba it tong bagyo. Do you think perhaps the coconuts also fell over in the typhoon. (sem. domains: - Possible, 9.2.6 - Particles.)

atubangan [atubángan] (der. of atubang) 1n Front of somebody or something (as of the front of one's body or the front of a building). harapán (sem. domains: 8.5.5 - Spatial relations.) 2loc The area in front of something; opposite with no obstacle between (as of the front yard of a house, at the front of a church before the altar, a building across the road from somewhere). katapát Kag inra bayay ay sa atubangan it sinehan. Their house is opposite a moviehouse. (sem. domains: 8.5.5 - Spatial relations.)

baga₁ [bagá] 1part Question; is it so?; is that the one? (as of an action, person, time, place etc). [This particle is the 6th position enclitic in the Verb Phrase as well as moveable.] kaya Naglargay baga si Ann? Has Ann left already? Mabuot baga kag imo maestra? Is your teacher nice? Sida baga kag nagraog nak Miss Odiongan? Is she the one who won Miss Odiongan? Riin baga ikaw naghalin? Where was it you came from? syn: no, baga 2. (sem. domains: - Question words.) 2part Sf Tag question; isn’t it? kaya NagpaMaynila sinra baga? They went to Manila didn’t they? syn: no, baga 1. (sem. domains: 9.2.6 - Particles.) 3part In my opinion; I think; what I mean is. [moveable particle] Kaado baga tong baro nak imo ingsoksok it kag Lunes. I think the dress you wore on Monday was nice. Katong puya baga! I mean that red one! (sem. domains: - Think about.) 4part Please won’t you; Come on! (as of applying polite social pressure or request). [moveable particle] Hipos baga kamo raha! You there, please bequiet! (sem. domains: 4.3.7 - Polite, 4.3.8 - Change behavior.) comp. bali baga , id. matuor baga

baklir [baklír] (irreg. infl. panalikuran) v To cross one's hands behind one’s back (as of a normal position when walking). sa likod ang kamay Si Sandy ay nakabaklir kag damot habang sida ay naglilibot sa banwa. Sandy crossed his hands behind his back while he walked around town. syn: panalikuran. (sem. domains: 7.1.9 - Move a part of the body.)

bakulo [bakuló] 1n A walking stick, cane; a shepherd's crook; a staff (as of any length or shaped stick that is a sign of position, power or authority). syn: baston, sungkor. (sem. domains: - Sheep, 4.5.3 - Exercise authority, - Walk with difficulty.) 2vi To use, walk with a cane or stick. bakulo Nagbakuloey kag maguyang nak tawo. The old man already uses a cane. (sem. domains: - Walk with difficulty.)

bakwi [bakwî] 1adj Dislocated, bent backwards, specifically of body parts (as of a baby’s head falling back or an arm bent back). (sem. domains: 2.5.3 - Injure.) 2vt To bend, break a joint by bending it backward or opposite to its natural way of movement (as of when breaking apart the bones of a chicken ready for cooking). bakwi Ingbakwi nida kag pako it manok. He broke the joint of the chicken’s wings backward. syn: bali7, halaga 3. (sem. domains: 7.8.1 - Break.) 3sta To be dislocated, bent backwards, specifically of body parts (as of a baby’s head falling back or an arm bent back). Nabakwi kag braso nida. His arm was dislocated. (sem. domains: 2.5.3 - Injure.)