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hanra [hánrà] 1n Preparation; provision. handâ syn: anram. (sem. domains: 5.2.1 - Food preparation, - Prepare.) 2vbt To prepare something; to prepare food for a party. (sem. domains: - Prepare, - Prepare something for use.) 3adj Ready, willing to help. (sem. domains: - Willing, - Agree to do something.) der. hanraan

prepara [prépara] v To prepare. (sem. domains: - Prepare.)

preparar [preparár] v To prepare. (sem. domains: - Prepare.)

suman₁ [súman] 1n Cakes of sticky rice (or cassava, arrowroot or sweet potato) wrapped in leaves. (sem. domains: - Food from seeds.) 2vbt To cook sticky rice, etc., wrapped in leaves (the rice is thick when wrapped, and then further cooked). suman Isuman namo kaling rahon it batag. We will use these banana leaves to wrap the sticky rice cakes. [Sticky rice (mayagkit) may have ordinary rice (bugás) mixed with it. It is partially cooked until thick (sanglay) then wrapped in leaves of banana (batág) or coconut (nidog).] (sem. domains: - Cooking methods.)

buda [búda] n A feast; a big party, celebration, banquet in somebody's honor (including the preparation of lots of food). syn: punsyon, bangkiti 1, pilo, punsyun. (sem. domains: - Celebrate.) der. pabuda

bungga [búngga] adj Lavish, extravagant, overdone preparations of food. mayabang Abang bungga kag hanra sa bunyag it ida anak. They had lavish preparations for the baptism of their child. (sem. domains: - Lack self-control.) der. bunggeysyos

pabuda [pabúda] (der. of buda) 1n A feast, big party, celebration, banquet being put on, held in somebody's honor (including the preparation of lots of food). (sem. domains: - Celebrate.) 2vbt To have a feast, big party, celebration with lots of food put on, held in somebody’s honor. handaan Nagpabuda sinra pagtapos nida’t eskwela sa kolehiyo. They prepared a party after she finished her college studies. Ingpabudahan sida pagkapasa sa eksamin it doktor. There was a big celebration for her after she passed the exam to be a doctor. Gingpabuda ninra kag karabaw sa ida pakasay. They had a carabao for her wedding celebration. syn: kasadyahan. (sem. domains: - Celebrate.)

plantsa₁ [plántsa] v To level, scuffle wet ploughed land in preparation for planting. patag Dapat ay maplantsa anay kag lanas bag-o magtanom. First the wet rice field must be leveled then planted.

rapayan [rapayán] n A chopping board, block used in food preparation. sangkalan Kag rapayan ninra ay napisang. Their chopping board was turned into two.

tuga-tuga [tuga-tugá] vi To do something halfheartedly; to do something with insufficient preparation, care (and may have an unexpected or inadequate result). Nagtuga-tuga pa gani it kaydo kitang nahilaw ray kina. She did the cooking without sufficient care so that’s why it’s undercooked again.

ubi₁ n Used for food. They are roasted, baked, boiled, yam chips and German-fried yams, yam pudding. Ubi is frequently made into a preparation called jalea de ubi which is a sort of jam or, really a butter. Ubi is very deficient in calcium and phosphorus and a fair source of iron. The purple variety is a good source of Vitamin B. úbi Dioscorea Alata

yasona n Eaten either raw or cooked in various ways. Bulbs are used for pickles in brine. Both leaves and bulbs are much used in the kitchen for the preparation of dishes. Onions is used for treating worms in the stomach, stomachache due to over-eating, diarrhoea, a choleraic attack, pains in the loins, headaches, amenorrhoea, and need of tonics. sibuyas tagalog Allium Ascalonicum

asay [asáy] v To roast, bar-be-que pieces of meat on a spit or sticks (as of depending on the size of the pieces e.g. spit-roasting large pieces of pork or bar-be-queing small pieces of liver on sticks over a charcoal grill). Kag hanra nida sa bunyag ay puro manok nak ida ing-asay. Their preparation for the baptism was all chicken which was roasted on the spit. (sem. domains: - Cooking methods.)

maytinis [maytínis] n Christmas eve. Karamong hanra si Leila kung maytinis. Leila has lots of preparation during Christmas Eve.

ninit [ninít] adj Minimal, small, stingy, poorly supplied; inadequate; insufficient things. kaunti Kag inra hanra ay ninit dahil gintakaw kag inra pagkaon. Their preparation is so small because their other food was stolen.

pasukat₁ [pasukát] n One year memorial anniversary of a death. Naghanra sinra sa pasukat it inra lola. They have some food preparations for the memorial of their grandmother’s death.

ramram [rámram] vi To experience something; feel something. damdam Naramraman nako nak pay akuyangon kita’t hanra. I feel that we’ll run short in our preparations.

sambo [sámbo] n Gate crashers, uninvited guests. Nagkuyang tong inra hanra sa kasay dahil ramo nak sambo. Their wedding preparation turned out to be not enough because there were lots of uninvited guests.

sayang [sáyang] 1adj Useless. sayang Sayang kag ida hanra nak waya ra’t nag-abot nak bisita. Her preparation was useless because no visitor arrived. 2vt To waste something. Masayang ikaw it imo oras roto ay waya ra kato it kapuyos-puyos? Will you waste your time there when that thing is also useless? 3vt To waste something. Nagsayang sida’t maramong kupon sa pagmakinilya bag-o natapos kag ida trabaho. She wasted much typing paper in typing before finishing her work. syn: kanugon 2.

tigkagutom [tigkagutóm] (der. of gutom) n Famine; time of famine; hungry season (as of August every year). taggutom Sina Jose ay nagtipon it mga pagkaon para sa paabutong tigkagutom. Jose had stocked food in preparation for the coming famine. (sem. domains: - Crop failure.)