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bukay [bukáy] n 1Albino (as of a child born with no color pigment in their skin, hair, and eyes, causing them to be very white in appearance.). maputi [Such children are said to have been born of the white ngkánto "bewitching spirits" having relations with human beings. Medically they are born without color pigment in their skin, so their skin and hair are white and their eyes are pale blue. They easily get sunburnt and their eyes are badly effected by the glare of the sun, causing cataracts.] (sem. domains: - Demon possession, 2.5.2 - Disease, 2.1.4 - Skin.) 2Albino, white animals and birds (as of pigs, hens etc. which are born without color pigment in their skin, hair, feathers and eyes. (sem. domains: - Demon possession, 2.5.2 - Disease, 2.1.4 - Skin.)

kaputi [kapúti] n Rain coat. kaputi (sem. domains: 5.3.6 - Parts of clothing, - Rain.)

lahing puti [láhing pútì] n White race. láhing putî

laputi [lapúti] n A kind of berry. yaputi

maputiey ka uwak indi [mapúti-ey ka uwák índì] (comp. of puti, uwak) id That's impossible!; crows will turn white before x happens. [lit. will-turn-white-already the crows not...] na hindi Maputiey ka uwak indi sida gitungon it inom. Crows will turn white before he stops drinking. [This uses 'crows will turn white (before x will happen/but x will never happen)' a comparison to humorously emphasise a total impossibility.] (sem. domains: - Impossible.) der. mas...kisa

nagbabagang yunang [nagbabágang yunang] idiom - Convert to subentry Hot lava, mud. nagbabagang putik Pag yupok it bulkang Mayon nagpaawan kag mga tawo sabaling matamaan it nagbabagang yunang. When Mayon volcano erupts people go far from it or they might be hit by hot lava.

nagputiey kag mata [nagpúti-ey kag matá] PH Eyes turned white due to a long wait. (sem. domains: - Eye.)

patong₃ [patóng] n Stems are used as pipes for temporary water supplies, building fish traps. kawayan puti Gigantochoa Levis

pisik kag uban₂ [pisík kag úban] v To grow, sprout grey hair; to turn grey suddenly (as in real or joking comment). tubo ang puting buhok Pag-abang ramong problema nako ay nagpipisik kag ako uban. When we have lots of problems my grey hairs suddenly grow.

puti [putî] 1adj White color. (sem. domains: - White.) 2vi To become white topped, crested (as of waves whipped up in strong wind). Nagpanghimuti sida tong maabtan it tatay it ida nobya nak ida inghaharuan. She turned white when her father caught her boyfriend kissing her. (sem. domains: - Ocean, lake, - Wave, - Change color.) 3adj Symbol of cleanliness, purity, virginity. (sem. domains: 4.3.1 - Good, moral, - White, - Faithful.) comp. maputiey ka uwak indi , der. panghimuti , der. panghimuti

puti it itlog [putî it ítlog] n Egg white. kláro ng itlóg, puti ng itlog (sem. domains: - Egg.)

putik [pútik] v To be, get stuck in a problem. problema Kung minsan si Merry ay napuputik ra. Sometimes Merry gets stuck in a problem too. (sem. domains: 4.4.2 - Trouble.)

sadsad nak puti [sádsad nak putî] adj Completely white (as of an animal for offering). purong puti Sadsad nak puting manok kag ingdadaga sa bag-ong bayay. The one being offered for a new house is a completely white animal.

yup-og [yúp-og] vi To wallow in mud (carabao, pigs). lublob sa putik Napuno it yunang katong karabaw nak nagyup-og sa lanas. The carabao that wallowed in the ricefield was covered with mud all over its body. der. yup-ugan

apli [aplî] vbt To wrap cloth around the body as a garment. apli Ing-aplian it maputing yamit si Jesus tong ginglansang sida sa krus. They wrapped around a white cloth on Jesus’ body when he was nailed on the cross. Paghalin sa banyo nag-apli sida’t tualya. He wrapped a towel around his loins after coming from the bathroom. [Such a cloth is wrapped and tied around the body or loins as a covering after bathing. A cloth can also be wrapped around the head as a way of preventing someone getting a chill from the moist night air, or around the shoulders, either under or outside the arms, to carry a baby on one's back when travelling on a motorbike etc. When a baby has been given hílot 'massage for dislocated joints' it is wrapped totally in a cloth to prevent it getting a chill in the wind i.e. mahangínan 'will be blown on by the wind'.] (sem. domains: 5.3.3 - Traditional clothing.) der. pangapli

hilap₂ [hílap] v To suck egg white from a whole egg. Puyding hilupon nimo kag puti it itlog para mabaoy kag pagkaadong. You can suck an egg white to get rid of food poisoning. (sem. domains: - Take something out of something, - Poison, - Care for a baby, - Mouth.)

ispoting [ispóting] adj Well dressed man; “dressed to kill”. pustura Abang isputing ray tong binata dahil mapangrayaga. That young man is again well dressed because he will court someone. (sem. domains: 5.3.4 - Clothes for special occasions, 5.3.5 - Clothes for special people.)

kilibit₁ [kilibít] vt Divination ceremony. orasyon Mapakilibit ako kang Nang Puting asing pirming hapros kag ako bituka. My stomach is always aching therefore I will ask Nang Puting to perform the ceremony on me to determine my illness. [The ceremony/procedure used by an albularyo to determine one’s illness (it involves using an egg which is cracked and the egg white and egg yolk are “read”)] (sem. domains: - Omen, divination.)

kula [kúla] vbt To bleach. magkula Akulahan nako kag imo uniporme nak puti. I’ll bleach your white uniform. (sem. domains: - White, - Change color.) der. kinulahan

mini-mini [mini-míni] 1n The words, prayers of a spiritista. Si Nang Puting ay nahinghing it mini-mini pag oras magbuyong. Nang Puting utter words of a spiritista when in the act of healing. 2vi To utter words of prayers of a spiritista. mini-mini Nagmimini-mini si Batoy it rali-rali. Batoy uttered words of prayers hurriedly.

napapasahe [napapasahê] adj Unusual ways and looks; different. Si Bonnie ay napapasahe sa ida mga hali dahil sida ay maputi. Bonnie is different from her sisters because she has white skin.

pagpag [págpag] (irreg. infl. paypag) vt To shake out; to dust, brush off with one’s hand (cloth, dust, crumbs, etc.). pagpag Ingpagpag nako kag nagpangsapot nak balahibo it oning sa ako baro. I shook off the cat’s fur that stuck on my dress. Bag-o nako isuksok kag baro, ako anay inapaypag nak sabaling ingwat mga gudom. Before putting on my clothes, I first shake them out for there might be some ants on them. Pagpaga anay kag puti sa ako baro. Brush the white off my dress please.

plumawo [plumáwo] adj Grey colour. kulay abo Pag maghalo ka it puti ag itom nak pintura kag mayuaw ay plumawo nak pintura. If you mix white and black paint the outcome would be grey paint.

pulso [púlso] 11.1n Pulse point on inner wrist. 1.2v To take one’s pulse. pulso Ingpulsuhan it doktor tong naghihingayoey nak pasyente. The doctor took the pulse of the dying patient. (sem. domains: - Heart.) 22.1v To diagnose sickness, fractures, curses by feeling the pulse. galánggalangán Gingpulsuhan si May ni Nang Puting kung nakilkig. Auntie Puting took May’s pulse to see if she had been poisoned. Si Nang Trining ay manog-pulso dahil sida ay maayam gigpulso kung kag tawo ay di sakit o waya. Aunty Trining is a one who diagnoses by taking one’s pulse because she knows by taking the pulse whether a person is sick or not. (sem. domains: - Curse.) der. manog-pulso

pus-aw [pús-aw] vi 1To fade; to run (color) when washed (of clothes, material). Ingbuyag pagbunak kag sayway nak nagpupus-aw. The pants whose color runs was washed separately. 2To be stained by another garment whose color runs. kupas Napus-awan it puya kag puting kamiseta pagbunak. The white shirt was stained with red color when it was washed.
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