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atipuyong [atipúyong] (dial. var. balis) 1n Pain in the head; headache; sickness with head pain that lasts between sunrise and sunset. Waya gihapon nauuli-i si Ruby it ida atipuyong. Ruby has not recovered from her sickness with pain in her head. [This is believed to be caused by borrowing a comb or hat from somebody who is infected in a similar way. ] (sem. domains: - Pain.) 2v To get, have a headache, sickness with head pain. (sem. domains: - Pain.)

nagpuyon [nagpuyón] v To have a nerve get caught, pinched between bones in a joint. (sem. domains: 2.5.3 - Injure.)

puyon [púyon] n To gather together. syn: tipon 1. (sem. domains: - Working relationship.)

tadhop₁ [tádhop] v To use local medical treatment for daytime headaches by placing pieces of ginger on one’s head and blowing on it (as used to treat atipuyong or bális). Gingtadhupan ako ni Lola sa uyo tong kag ako uyo ay pirming hapros. Grandma treated me with blowing ginger on my head when I had constant headaches.

tipon [típon] v 1To gather together, around somebody (as of a small group maybe 1-2 persons deep). ipon Naghalin sa synaguga ka mga Pariseo ag nagkatipon-tipon sinra kaibahan it mga partido ni Herodes agor maplano kung pauno ninra amatyon si Jesus. The Pharisees left the synagogue and met with Herod’s party to plan how they would kill Jesus. syn: puyon. (sem. domains: - Working relationship.) 2To collect; save; set aside or gather together. (sem. domains: - Store wealth.) 3To save money. (sem. domains: - Store wealth.)

bartulina [bartulína] n Dungeon; Underground prison cell. bartolina Si Fernando ay gingkulong sa suyor it bartulina sa sakop it sampuyong tuig. Fernando was imprisoned in a dungeon for ten years. (sem. domains: - Imprison.)

bayumbo [bayúmbò] n Voting booth. presinto Naghuman sinra it sampuyong bayumbo para magamit sa eleksyon. They made ten voting booths to be used for the election. (sem. domains: - Election.)

bin-og [bín-og] 1n Eggs that don’t hatch (even if brought to full term e.g. when a typhoon hits and they get wet). Sa sampuyong itlog it amo manok, tatlo kag mga bin-og. Of the ten eggs laid by our hen, there were three unhatched eggs. (sem. domains: 6.3.6 - Poultry raising, - Egg.) 2sta To be, remain unhatched (as of eggs which are brought to full term but when abandoned by the hen they don't hatch). bugok Nabin-og tong itlog it manok nak nawagit. The eggs of the hen that was lost became unhatched. (sem. domains: 6.3.6 - Poultry raising, - Egg.)

duko [dukô] 1n Piglet. (sem. domains: 1.6.3 - Animal life cycle.) 2vi To give birth, have a litter of piglets. biík Nagdukoey kag inra baktin it sampuyong bilog. Their pig gave birth to ten piglets. (sem. domains: 1.6.3 - Animal life cycle.)

larga₁ [lárga] 1vi To embark; to set sail; to go on a journey (usually by boat); to travel (usually over water). paaalisin Sauno ikaw malarga? When will you leave? Apalargahon si Jane it ida nanay pa-Manila insulip. Jane’s mother will let her travel to Manila tomorrow. (sem. domains: 7.2.4 - Travel.) 2vbt To allow to continue without restriction; to loosen an article or clothing. Inglargahan nako kag ako iro it pakaon it isra hanggang nakaubos it sampuyong bilog. I allowed my dog to continue eating fish until he consumed ten pieces. Largahi kag imo sinturon agor makakahingab ka it maado. Loosen your belt so you can breathe well.

piskal [pískal] n Judge of a court. piskal Ayon sa husga it piskal ikaw ay mapipriso sa suyor it sampuyong tuig. According to the sentence of the judge you will be imprisoned for ten years. syn: huwis, hukom 1, husga 2, husgado.

puntok [púntok] 1n A pile, heap of something. puntok Ka amo parti ay sampuyong puntok, usang parti sa nag-aani, sidam nak parti sa tag-iya. Our division of ten piles is one share for the harvesters and nine shares for the owner. syn: munton-munton, tumpok, puntok 2. 2vbt To pile up into piles. Apuntukon nako kag mga tagrukon sa likor it bayay. I will pile up the poles into piles at the back of the house. Ingpuntok-puntok nida tong likot para madali gihakuton. He piled up the garbage so it would be easy to gather. syn: munton-munton, puntok 1, tumpok.

sapoy₁ [sapóy] vt To fetch, pick up, come and get somebody (so as to take them back with one to where one came from). súndò Asapuyon nato si Ana sa simbahan. We’ll pick up Ana at the church. Ipasapoy baga ako o mapagto ako sa inro? Will you have me fetched or should I come to your place? Nasapoy nako sida sa may panaderia. I met her near the bakery. (sem. domains: - Take something from somewhere.)