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radis [rádis] n White radish. labanós Kami ay nagtanom it radis sa amo garden tong kami pa ay nag-iiskwela pa. We planted radish in our garden when we were still going to school.

manunggay n The young leaves are used as a leafy vegetable. The flowers are also cooked as a vegetable as are the half-ripe fruits. The leaves have a general characteristics of s leafy vegetable and are very rich in calcium and iron and a good source of phosphorus. The young fruits have the general characteristics of a succulent vegetable and high in protein. They are only a fair source of calcium and iron but are high in phosphorus. The root has a taste like that of horse-radish, and in India is eaten by Europeans as a substitute for the latter. This species yields seeds from which ben oil is obtained and the oil is used for salads and culinary purposes, and to equal the best Florence oil as an illuminant. The bark is used as a rubefacient remedy. The roots of this tree, if chewed and applied to the bite of a snake, will prevent the poison from spreading. A decoction of the roots is considered antiscorbutic and is also given to delirious patients. malungai Moringa Oleifera

paraiso [paraíso] n Paradise, heaven; Garden of Eden. paraiso

rabanos₂ [rabános] n Large white radish. labanos

bonbon₁ [bónbon] v To heap, pile up dirt (as of when forming a mound e.g. raising the level of a lot, piling up dirt around a plant, filling in a hole or covering an exposed object). Bonboni anay baga kinang nagliliwas nak bunga it radish. Will you please heap up dirt around the radish that’s sticking out of the ground. Ingbonbonan ninra it raga tong likor it inra rayaag. They filled the back part of their yard with soil. (sem. domains: - Load, pile, 6.2 - Agriculture, - Land, property, - Fill, cover.)

takwil [takwíl] v To reject; to eject, send out somebody from somewhere; to banish; to ostracise; to excommunicate somebody. Ingtakwil sina Adan ag Eba it Dios sa paraiso tong magkaon sinra it katong prutas. God ejected Adam and Eve from Paradise when they ate that fruit.