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rahagto [rahagtó] (irreg. infl. to; irreg. infl. hagto) loc There is there far away (as of where something "is" located or exists in the far distance, perhaps out of sight). (sem. domains: 8.5.1 - Here, there.)

budon [budón] 1n A mute; a person who can’t speak. pipi Rahagto pa gihapon budon sa pakikimusta riling ida usang manog-agwada it kag panahon it mga Hapon. It is still there a mute one greeting this one here who fetched water by boat during the time of the Japanese. (sem. domains: - Mute.) 2v To become mute. pipi Dahil sa sobrang buyong sida ay nabudon. Because of an overdose medicine he became mute. (sem. domains: - Mute.)

ginikanan [ginikánan] n 1Parents; grandparents. magulang Rahagto ka ako mga tiyo ag tiya, mga pinsan, mga manghor ag sariling mga ginikanan. My uncles and aunts, cousins, younger brothers and my own parents were there. (sem. domains: - Father, mother, - Old person, - Grandfather, grandmother.) 2Forefathers; ancestors. (sem. domains: - Related by marriage, - Grandfather, grandmother, 4.1.9 - Kinship.)

linti₄ [línti] 1n Flashlight. (sem. domains: - Light source.) 2vbt To shine a flashlight on something; to light up with the use of flashlight. plaslayt Inglintihan nida kag silong para mamuyatan kung rahagto kag baktin. He shined the flashlight below the house to see if the pig was there. (sem. domains: - Shine.) der. panglinti

nayukat [nayúkat] n Eyes. mata Rahagto ka ida nayukat ag ilong sa kusinang nagmamasir sa ging yuyutong sumsuman ni Tatang Balbi. His eyes and nose were in the kitchen watching Uncle Balbi cooking the snacks to go with the drinks. [This is a vulgar term.]