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manggaranon₁ [manggaránon] (der. of manggar) n Wealthy people.

manggaranon₂ [manggaránon] n Wealthy people. mayáman Kag mga Fortu ay manggaranon hali sa Caltrava. The Fortu family are wealthy people here in Calatrava. syn: igwahanon, kayaman.

nakarano ka it matabang isrâ [nakaranô ka it matabáng isrâ] (comp. of rano) say You made a good catch; you struck it lucky; you got a good one, as of marrying a wealthy man (lit. you tame-across a fat fish). (sem. domains: - Lucky.)

rano [ranô] v To experience, come across, find, see something. (sem. domains: 2.3.1 - See.) comp. nakarano ka it matabang isrâ

ranotnot [ranótnot] adj Close together (as of space or time intervals). dikit-dikit Nagnunot akong sador nak maramong sihi ka amo mababaoy sa baktason it Tugbungan nak kung riin ranotnot sa kabatuhan,.. I went with them because I knew where we could go along the shore in Tugbungan to get a lot of seashells that were close together on the rocks,...

sulunranon₁ [sulunránon] (der. of sunor-sunor) n Traditions; customs; teachings. syn: ugali 2.

sulunranon₂ [sulunránon] n Tradition. kaugalian Kag inra pamilya ay inggwa it sulunranon nak mag-amen sa mga maguyang. Their family has its tradition of kissing the hands of their elders.

sulunranon₃ [sulunránon] n Traditions; customs; teachings. paniwala Usay sa mga sulunranon namo ay kag pag amin sa damot it maguyang kung gab-i. One of our customs here is to kiss the hands of our parents when night comes.

temprano [tempráno] time Early. maaga

igwahanon [igwahánon] (der. of igwa) n Wealthy people (Calatrava). maykaya Bihira kag igwahanon nak pamilya ka nagpapaeskwela sa mga pampublikong eskul. We can rarely find wealthy families that send their children to public schools. syn: manggaranon, kayaman. (sem. domains: - Rich.)

kayaman [kayáman] (irreg. infl. mayaman) adj Wealthy; rich. mayaman Indi magpangilaya tong kayaman ninrang hali. Their wealthy relative won’t recognise them anymore. syn: igwahanon, manggaranon. (sem. domains: - Rich.)

ugali [ugálì] 1n Customs; habits. 2vt To make something a habit, to see to it that something is always done. ugalì Ugalia bagang buhosan kag kubita pagkatapos it ihi. See to it that you pour water down the toilet after urinating. syn: sulunranon.

halo [hálò] 1vbt To mix something with, together; stir (as of mixing foods by stirring to combine the ingredients e.g. coconut salad, mixed drinks, starch, stirring cooking food). halo Waya gihalue nida it asukar kag pinais. She didn’t mix sugar into the cassava cakes. Inghaluan nida kag planggana it salad. She mixed the salad in the basin. syn: partisipar, yakot 1, iba 2, umir 3, yamor 2, yakay 2, halo 2. (sem. domains: 7.5.3 - Mix.) 2vi To mix with, “mingle with”(as of people mixing socially). Kag ibang manggaranon ay bihira makihalo sa mga pobre. Some wealthy people seldom mix with poor people. syn: partisipar, yakot 1, iba 2, umir 3, yamor 2, yakay 2, halo 1. (sem. domains: 7.5.3 - Mix.)

kampi [kámpi] vbt To take somebody’s side; to side with somebody; to be for somebody; to back somebody. kampi Ingkampihan nida kag ida manghor tong makaranó it away. He sided with his younger brother when he got into a fight. syn: kiling 2, apin 2. (sem. domains: - Tell the truth, 2.3.1 - See, - Witness, testify.)

kuyob [kuyób] 1v To capsize (of a boat); to be upsidedown (of a bowl etc.). taob Nagkuyob kag baroto tong makarano it maragkong humbak. The boat capsized when it happened to meet big waves. 2adj Lying face-down (as of a person). Pagkatapos it test it mga estudyante, ingpakuyob kag inra papel. When the students finished their test, they turned their papers over. Apakuyubon nako ikaw agor mahiboan it buyong kag imo likor. I’ll make you turn on your stomach so that I can rub your back with medicine. (sem. domains: 7.3.5 - Turn something.)

lugod [lugód] v To please somebody; to bring happiness to somebody. lugod Ako ay nalulugod sa mga anak nak masinunranon sa Diyos ag sa ida mga maguyang. I was pleased with children following God and their elders. der. kaluguran

ngasing [ngásing] 11.1time Now that, while (as of simultaneous or overlapping events). ngayón Ngasing nak manggaranoney sida wayaey sida gipapasyar sa amo. Now that she’s rich she doesn’t come by our place. Imo ngasing ibutang kaling isra sa kanastro. It’s your turn now to put the fish in the fish basket. 22.1time Today; nowadays. 33.1conj Then; now what happened next was; so then (as of a sequence of events). ngayón Ngasing ako ay ingpadar-an it suyat it tong ako manghor sa Simara. So then I sent a letter to my younger brother in Simara. 3.2conj Then id. ngasing nak mga adlaw , id. sa ngasing

rani [ranî] vt To find; see (usually by chance); come across. kita Nakarano ako it baligyang mais sa merkado. I was able to find some corn for sale in the market. Waya kami it naranuan nak isra sa merkado. We didn’t find any fish in the market. Waya naranoe it mananakaw kag mga binuyar nak yamit. No thief found the clothes on the line and stole them. syn: sumpong.

sina₂ [sínà] 1vbt To be jealous of somebody; to envy. inggit Nasisina ako sa ida dahil manggaranon sida. I’m jealous of her because she’s rich. Asing sida kag nasisinaan it tawo? Why is she the one people are envious of? 2vi To intentionally cause somebody’s jealousy. Gingpasina nako sida sa ako bag-ong baro. I caused her to be jealous of me by showing off my new clothes. der. masinaon