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baka makakotkot it damot sa irayom [báka makakótkot it damót sa iráyom] (id. of baka, damot, irayom) id Lest, in case somebody might upset, disturb, stir-up the spirits of the underworld whose hands will reach out and grab that person at night. [lit: in-case happen-to-dig-up a hand underneath] (sem. domains: - Saying, proverb.)

hantop [hántop] 1n Realization. syn: toytoy 2.1. (sem. domains: - Solve, - Realize.) 2vt To think; to realize; to comprehend; to ponder; to understand. Ahantupon anay nimo it maado kag imo plano bag-o ahumanon. You have to think your plan through well before doing it. (sem. domains: 3.2 - Think, - Realize.) 3vbt To come to realize. naunawaan Nahantupaney baga nimo kag imo inghuman. Have you come to realize the thing that you did? Nahantupan baga nimo kag ako pagtudlo? Do you comprehend what I’m teaching? Ida inghantop it marayom kag tugra’t nanay. He pondered deeply the words of his mother. (sem. domains: 3.2.4 - Understand, - Realize.)

irayom [iráyom] (der. of rayom) 1loc Underneath; under, lower surface of something. ilálim (sem. domains: - Under, below.) 2loc Underground. (sem. domains: - Underground.) 3n Underworld; hell (as of the place of Satan and the evil spirits). (euphemism) (sem. domains: 4.9.6 - Heaven, hell, - Demon possession.) comp. sa irayom it duta , comp. sa irayom it raga , der. pairayom , id. baka makakotkot it damot sa irayom

kag tubi nak mahipos ay marayom pero kag tubi nak ... [kag túbì nak mahípos ay maráyom péro kag túbì nak] say Quiet people have good ideas but noisy people have worthless ideas (lit:‘silent water is deep but noisy water is shallow’ as of Eng.‘still waters run deep’). ang tubig na tahimik ay malalim pero ang tubig na magulo ay mababaw (sem. domains: 3.1.1 - Personality.)

karayom-rayuman [karayom-rayúman] (der. of rayom) n 1Depths; deepest place; pit, abyss. (sem. domains: - Deep, shallow.) 2Deepest place; pit, abyss of hell. (sem. domains: 4.9.6 - Heaven, hell.)

kayukay [kayúkay] vt 1To dig. hukayin Akayukayon nako it marayom kag raga. I’ll dig the soil deep. (sem. domains: 7.8.6 - Dig.) 2To stir up (as of one’s mind). Ako gingkayukay kag inra isip nak malinghor. I stirred up their young minds to think. (sem. domains: - Excited, - Fight for something good.)

kibag [kíbag] 1adj Leaning to one side; crooked. Kibag kag kristmas tri ni Gail. Gail’s christmas tree is leaning to one side. (sem. domains: - Leaning, sloping.) 2vi To lean to one side; to become crooked. baluktot Nagkikibag kag Krismas Tri dahil kuyang it bato sa ida butangan. The Christmas Tree leans to one side because it lacks stones in its container. Nagkibag kag ako tagrukon nak gingpatulay sa irayom it mangga. The pole I erected under the mango tree became crooked. Ingpakibag nida kag inra bordon it katong ako rayan. She made the border of the path crooked. (sem. domains: - Leaning, sloping.)

kung kag tawo ay mabuot sa irayom kag rukot [kung kag tawo ay mabuót sa irayom kag rukot] say

ma-unot rayom kag ragat? [ma-uno’t rayom kag rágat?] id How deep is the ocean? (Answer to question: "How much do you love me?") (sem. domains: 4.1.8 - Show affection.)

marayom [maráyom] (der. of rayom) adj 1Deep (as of water or holes, valleys). (sem. domains: - Deep, shallow.) 2Profound (as of wise words, teachings); real, pure, original (as of language terms). (sem. domains: 3.6.3 - Subject of teaching, - Word.)

marayom it isip [maráyom it ísip] (id. of isip) adj Deep thinking (lit: ‘deep thoughts’).

marayom kag isip [maráyom kag ísip] adj Deep thoughts. malalim ang isip Permi nakong nakikita tong amo mayor nak marayom kag isip permi. I’ve seen our mayor always in deep thought.

muyat₁ [múyat] 11.1vbt To look at something; to watch something (such as a movie show); to inspect or examin. tingin, titig Waya sida gustong muyatan. She doesn’t like to be looked at. 22.1vbt To allow somebody to look at something; to show something to somebody; to have somebody inspect something. Apamuyatan nako kag ako niyaya sa nanay. I will show my weaving to mother. 33.1vbt To look after something; to take care of something; to look into a matter or situation. Muyati anay kaling bayay habang waya ako. Look after the house for a while while I’m not here. 44.1saying - Convert to subentry Did not take notice of something; unmindful of something; unaware of something. Wayaey sa ida pagmuyat kinang ida anak nak bitbit dahil nawiwili sida’t kaistorya. He didn’t take any notice of his child because he was so involved in his conversation. 55.1excl See hah! Hay muyating nahuyog kinang imo raya sa karali-rali. Hah see, your things fell when you hurried. 66.1v “Let me see.” 77.1vbt To go for a medical check-up; to have a doctor examine somebody. Ingpamuyatan nako katong anak sa doktor. I will have the child examined by the doctor. Waya namuyati it doktor kag anak. The doctor didn’t examine the child. 88.1vt To treat somebody to a movie; to take somebody to see, watch something (as of TV, games, a dance). Ingpamuyat nako sida it sini. I will treat you to a movie. 99.1vbt To wait to see the outcome of something; “We’ll see if...”’ Amuyatan nako kung makanunot sa imo. I’ll see if I can go with you. Amuyatan nato kung mapipirde nimo ako! We’ll see if you can defeat me! 1010.1n Respect for others; treatment of others (lit. look). Pay waya’t pagmuyat sa imo maguyang. It’s like you have no respect for your elders. Kayain kag ida pagmuyat sa ako. His treatment (lit. looking) at me was bad. 10.2vbt To show respect for somebody (lit. to look at). Waya nida gimumuyati kag ida mga maguyang. He doesn’t respect his parents. 10.3saying - Convert to subentry To lose respect, love for somebody. Nawaya ka ako pagmuyat sa ako nobyo. I lost all feeling for my boyfriend. 1111.1n Viewing place; vantage point (from which to see, view something). Igwa’t maadong muyatan it pabayle kang Nang Taling. There is a good place to watch the dance from at Aunty Taling’s. 1212.1adj Looks beautiful; nice to watch, look at. Kaganda sida gigmuyatan hina sa ida baro. She looks beautiful in that dress. 1313.1n A person’s look, facial expression. Kag ida muyat ay kasubo. He looks like he’s grieving. 1414.1saying - Convert to subentry A look which has evil intent, purpose. Kinang tawo ay kayain ka ida muyat sa ako. That person looked at me with an evil purpose. 1515.1n One’s opinion about something; comment; suggestion about something; (lit ‘in my sight’); ‘seems to me’. Nio sa imo muyat kag maadong humanon? What is your opinion about this nice thing that was made? 1616.1n Sight; vision; insight. Karuyomey kag ako pangmuyat. My vision is very dim. Marayom kag ida pangmuyat sa mga bagay-bagay nak natabo ngasing nak panahon. He has deep insight into what is happening in these times. 1717.1saying - Convert to subentry To have little hope (lit.‘his sight is very small’). 1818.1saying - Convert to subentry Good taste in clothes, decorating, etc. Maadong pangmuyat sida sa mga klase it baro. 1919.1saying - Convert to subentry To lose control of one’s anger, temper. (lit‘his sight became dark’). Nagruyom kag ida pangmuyat kada ida nabakoy katong ida asawa. He lost his temper (lit sight became dark) therefore he hit his wife. 2020.1adj A person who doesn’t want to be seen or looked at; shy; a snob; somebody who is very possessive; somebody who easily gets angry.

pairayom [pa-iráyom] (der. of irayom, rayom) v 1To go underneath something; to put something underneath. (sem. domains: - Move down, - Put down.) 2To go under water; to dive into water. (sem. domains: 1.3.4 - Be in water.)

palipor [palipór] vbt To hide something behind, in something. kubli Ipalipor nako kaling bugas sa irayom it hagran para indi maubos nak raan. I will hide this rice under the stairs so it won’t be consumed immediately. syn: kahimpitan 2, himos, tago 1, hipir, tago-tago 3.

pangirayom nak pangrayugrog [pangirayom nak pangrayúgrog] v Deep rumble of thunder (like earthquake). (sem. domains: - Lightning, thunder.)

pangirayom nak yamit [pangiráyom nak yamít] n Underwear. damít na pang-ilálim

pasak [pásak] v To fill-up, pad, stuff a hole, space with something ( as of putting cloth in a leak). Ingpasakan it gapas kag ida nagrayom nak galis. His deep wound was filled with gauze.

pay halin sa irayom it bal-ong [pay halin sa irayom it bal-óng] idiom - Convert to subentry A deep voice as "like from under the well" where a voice resonates like water rising from the deep. (sem. domains: - Voice.)

pay halin sa irayom it gining [pay halin sa irayom it giníng] PH A high voice as from under the earthenware water jar in the kitchen where a small amount of water comes out of a tap on the jar (gining=water jar). (sem. domains: - Voice.)

permi [pérmi] 1part Always; continuously. Kag anak ay perming nagraraya it buyak sa ida maestra. The child always brings flowers to her teacher. syn: karamuang beses. 2vbt To always be, live somewhere. Nagpepermi sida sa amo. He is always at our place. 3vbt To maintain a condition, state of something or an event. palagi Pagnapatubo it payay, ingpepermi ka rayom it tubi sa lanasan sa 3-5 cm. When growing rice, the depth of the water in the field is maintained at 3-5 cm. comp. buko permi-permi

radom₂ [rádom] n Needle. karáyom

ramo-ramo [ramo-ramó] n Crumbs which fall from a plate, table. Si Maria ay nagtiis magpuyot it mga ramo-ramo sa irayom it lamesa. Maria just persevered in picking up crumbs which fell under the table.

rayom [ráyom] 1n Depth of something in feet, meters or fathoms. 2adj Deep. 3loc Depths; bottom; underneath. 4vbt To deepen something. malálim Arayuman ninra ka buho nak abutangan it likot. They’ll deepen the hole where the garbage will be damped. Ingparayuman namo kang Badlong kag kanal agor makailig kag tubi. We had Badlong make the ditch deeper so the water could flow. comp. sa irayom it duta , comp. sa irayom it raga , der. irayom , der. karayom-rayuman , der. marayom , der. pairayom , der. parayuman

ruyot [ruyót] 1adj 1.1adj Sharp, as of a blade. matalim Maruyot ka ida sunrang. His machete is sharp. 22.1n Cut; wound; slash made by something sharp. Abang rayom it ruyot sa ida siki katong basag nak boti. The broken bottle made a really deep cut in her foot. 2.2vbt To cut well, sharply; to cut, strike cuttingly; to dig, bury the blade in something. Nagruruyot sa kahoy kag sunrang. The machete cuts well into the wood. Waya sida gigruyoti it bala dahil ingwa it anting-anting. He was not struck by bullets because he had a magic charm. 2.3vi To cut, bury a blade in something (eg. when thrown). 33.1vbt To function; to write well, darkly (as of a ballpen that still writes). Indi maruytan it lapis ka ida papel. The pencil won’t write on her paper. Nagruruyot pa kag bolpen. The ballpoint pen still writes. 3.2vi To make function, write; to sharpen a pencil. Aparuyton nako kag lapis sa pangtasa. I will sharpen the pencil with the sharpener. 44.1vbt To be struck somewhere and unable to move; to be wedged, stuck immovably somewhere. Aparuyoton nako kaling kutsilyo sa ringring. I will throw this knife so that it will stick into the wall. 55.1vbt To be struck by somebody’s words (as of insults, gossip which sticks in one’s mind) tagos
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