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krudo [krúdo] n 1Crude oil (as of the liquid petroleum product used in some machines e.g. pumpboats etc.). krudo Indi pwede nak gasolina kag gamiton dili sa ida dahil nak krudo kali kag gamit. Gasoline can’t be used in his jeep because this one uses diesel. (sem. domains: - Oil.) 2Used oil from machines (as of is mixed with anti-termite insecticide and painted on house posts and electricity poles etc.). (sem. domains: - Oil.)

rudo [rudô] v To squeeze out the starch from arrowroot or cassava. piga Tong unang panahon kag mga maguyang ay imaw it nagrurudo. During the old days old people were the ones who squeezed out the starch from the arrowroot plant. (sem. domains: - Cooking ingredients, - Food from roots.)

rudong [rúdong] n An icon made of fish bones.