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run-an [rún-an] vt To touch with the hands; place one’s hands on somebody. kalabit Ako namalayan nak inasagnat sida it kag ako run-an kag ida ilok. I noticed that he has a fever when I touched his armpit with my hands. syn: haphap, kapkap, pig-on, ramgo 2.1.

haphap [háphap] vt To touch lightly as when touching a person, to feel ones way around with arms out-stretched in front (as in the dark or as of a blind person); to feel one’s body in search for something. kapkap Pagpayong it iwag, nagsisighaphapan kag mga tawo sa bayay. When the lights went out, the people in the house were all feeling their way around in the dark. syn: kapkap, pig-on, ramgo 2.1, run-an. (sem. domains: 2.3.5 - Sense of touch.)

kapkap [kápkap] vbt To feel way; to search by feeling with the hands. kapkapan Ako akapkapan kag ida bulsa it sensilyo. I’ll feel for some coins in his pocket. syn: haphap, pig-on, ramgo 2.1, run-an. (sem. domains: 2.3 - Sense, perceive, 2.3.5 - Sense of touch.)

pig-on [píg-on] vbt To feel body temperature; to touch a person, animal to determine if they are feverish; to feel. dampi Nakamalay si nanay nak di sagnat kag ida anak tong sida’y ida gingpig-unan sa yupa. Mother realized her child had a fever when she felt him on the forehead. Apig-unan nako sida kung di sagnat. I’ll feel his body temperature to see if he has a fever. syn: haphap, kapkap, ramgo 2.1, run-an.

ramgo₂ [rámgo] 11.1vbt To feel by touching, perception; to have a feeling of some kind. Aramguhon nako kung mainit pa kaling tasa. I will feel the cup to see if it’s still hot. Aramguhan nako kag lamesa it ako linti. I will feel the table to see if my flashlight is there. Naramguhan nako kag kainit it adlaw. I felt the heat of the day. 22.1vt To feel sh in order to find out if it’s hot, wet, dry, etc.; to perceive. ramdaman Aramguhon nako kung mainit pa kaling tasa it kape. I will feel this cup of coffee to see if it’s still hot. syn: haphap, kapkap, pig-on, run-an. der. pangramgo