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rusál [rusál] n A species of gardenia. (sem. domains: 1.5.2 - Bush, shrub.)

rusalita [rusalíta] n A species of small gardenia.

aliluya [alilúya] 1excl Hallelujah; Alleluja. Nagkanta it aliluya kag mga anak pagsuyor ni Hesus sa Herusalem. The children sang hallelujah to Jesus when he entered Jerusalem. [This means "praise God" in Hebrew.] (sem. domains: - Worship.) 2v To sing praises to God; to sing hallelujah. Halleluyah (sem. domains: - Worship.)

larlar₁ [lárlar] v To spread out somewhere. ladlad Inglarlar it mga tawo kag inra mga yamit sa arayanan ni Hesus tong magsuyor sida sa Jerusalem. The people spread out their clothes on Jesus' way when he entered Jerusalem.