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karuyot [karúyot] adj Sharp. matalas Karuyot kag nabakay nidang kutsilyo. The knife he bought was sharp. (sem. domains: - Help to give birth, - Weapon, shoot, - Eating utensil, - Cooking utensil, 6.7.1 - Cutting tool.)

maruyot [marúyot] adj Sharp (as of a knife, ballpen, pencil, saw, etc.). matalas Buko ra maruyot kaling sipoy nak ako gingbakay. The knife I bought is not sharp.

naruyot sa tagipusuon [naruyót sa tagipusúon] idiom - Convert to subentry Something strikes home to one’s heart, mind. tumatalab sa puso Kag inglaygay sa inra it pari tong sinray ingkasay ay naruyot sa tagipusuon. The sermon given by the priest when they were wed really struck home to one’s heart.

ruyot [ruyót] 1adj 1.1adj Sharp, as of a blade. matalim Maruyot ka ida sunrang. His machete is sharp. 22.1n Cut; wound; slash made by something sharp. Abang rayom it ruyot sa ida siki katong basag nak boti. The broken bottle made a really deep cut in her foot. 2.2vbt To cut well, sharply; to cut, strike cuttingly; to dig, bury the blade in something. Nagruruyot sa kahoy kag sunrang. The machete cuts well into the wood. Waya sida gigruyoti it bala dahil ingwa it anting-anting. He was not struck by bullets because he had a magic charm. 2.3vi To cut, bury a blade in something (eg. when thrown). 33.1vbt To function; to write well, darkly (as of a ballpen that still writes). Indi maruytan it lapis ka ida papel. The pencil won’t write on her paper. Nagruruyot pa kag bolpen. The ballpoint pen still writes. 3.2vi To make function, write; to sharpen a pencil. Aparuyton nako kag lapis sa pangtasa. I will sharpen the pencil with the sharpener. 44.1vbt To be struck somewhere and unable to move; to be wedged, stuck immovably somewhere. Aparuyoton nako kaling kutsilyo sa ringring. I will throw this knife so that it will stick into the wall. 55.1vbt To be struck by somebody’s words (as of insults, gossip which sticks in one’s mind) tagos

ruyot kag bala [ruyót kag bála] idiom - Convert to subentry Penetrated by bullets. baon ang bala Ya gigruyot kag bala sa ida uyo dahil nakasuksok sida’t helmet. His head was not penetrated by bullets because he is wearing a helmet.

karit [kárit] 1n A sickle, used specificaally on the base of rice stalks. Abang ruyot kag amo karit. Our sickle is very sharp. (sem. domains: 6.7.1 - Cutting tool.) 2vt To harvest rice or cut something using the sickle. karet Akariton yang nako kag payay. I’ll just harvest rice using the sickle. (sem. domains: 6.2.5 - Harvest.)

lantas [lántas] v Almost cut off, severed; almost finished. lantas Nalantas nida’t basa kag libro nak ida ginghuyam. She’s almost finished reading the book she borrowed. Isot yangey nida malantas kag liog it ida kaaway nak karuyot kag ida sunrang. A little more and he would have cut off the head of his enemy because his machete was very sharp.

toktok₅ [tóktok] 1n Rust. (sem. domains: - Metal.) 2vi To rust, become rusty. kalawang Aya gipatuktoki kag sunrang nak nawawagit kag ruyot. Don’t let the bolo become rusty because it loses it’s sharpness. Ingtuktok kag alambre kag mabasa it ragat. The wire got rusty when it was wet by sea water. (sem. domains: - Metal.)