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damaan it siki [dama-án it sikí] (comp. of dama, siki) n 1Something to stand, rest, put one's feet on temporarily. [lit: place-to-stand-on of feet] basahan ng paa (sem. domains: - Leg, 5.1 - Household equipment.) 2The stirrup of a saddle (as of the part of the saddle where the foot goes). (sem. domains: - Beast of burden.)

indi maasahan [indî maasáhan] (id. of asa) adj Undependable. (sem. domains: - Trust.)

kabayo nak planstsahan [kabáyo nak planstsahan] (id. of plantsa) n Ironing board. (sem. domains: - Working with metal, 5.6.4 - Wash clothes.)

kastigo [kastígo] vt To punish. parusáhan Akastiguhon kuno nida tong ida anak nak nakamatay. He said that he’ll punish his child that killed somebody. (sem. domains: 4.7.7 - Punish.)

nag guguyang sa plantsahan [nag guguyang sa plantsahán] id Aging,growing old ironing. (idiom) as of a lifetime occupation. (sem. domains: 6.6.1 - Working with cloth.)

nag guguyang sa plantsahan [nag guguyang sa plantsáhan] id Aging, growing old in ironing, as of a life time occupation. (sem. domains: - Work hard.)

napipiyahan₂ [napipiyáhan] adj Trustworthy; honest. naaasahan, napagkakatiwalaan Napipiyahan sida sa kwarta. She can be trusted with money.

nausahan [nausahán] (der. of usa) adj To outwit, to put one over someone. (sem. domains: - Dishonest, - Deceive.)

pamahir₂ [pamáhir] (irreg. infl. pahir) vbt To wipe (hands, feet, dishes) on a towel, cloth or mat. basahan Inpamahiran nida kag ida damot sa ida palda. She wiped her hands on her skirt. Pamahir anay it inro siki bag-o magsuyor. Please wipe your feet before coming in. der. pamahiran

pamulsahan [pamulsáhan] vi To put hands into ones pocket. pambulsahan Nagpakapamulsahaney ra ikaw ay waya ra’t kwarta. You keep on putting your hands on your pocket even though you don’t have money.

patholder [pátholder] n Potholder. basahan Gamit gani it patholder para indi ikaw mapaso. Always use a potholder so you won’t get burnt.

pwersahang pagpatungon [pwersáhang pagpatungón] v To force someone to stop, as of a rebellion. (sem. domains: - Rebel against authority.)

raginot [ragínot] 11.1vt To begin something; to introduce something new. umpisahan Ingraraginutaney nida kag ida trabaho dahil limitado kag ida oras. She is beginning with her work because of her limited time. syn: tuna 1. 22.1vt To do gradually; to do bit-by-bit. umpisa Raginotey ikaw it sag-ob habang apila pa kag mga tawo sa gripo. You gradually fetch water while there are still few people at the faucet. syn: inot-inot 1. 33.1vbt To hurry to do something. pinasimulan Ingraginutan ni Neysa it silhig kag mga likot sa rayaag. Neysa hurried up doing the sweeping of trash on the lawn.

saha [sahâ] n Suckers of plants, as of banana. (sem. domains: 1.5.5 - Parts of a plant.)

sáhà [sáhà] n Suckers that grow up from banana trees. sáhà Si Bao ay nagtanom it saha it batag kada nagtubo ag nagbunga. The turtle planted banana tubers so it grew and bore fruits. syn: syasi. (sem. domains: 1.5.5 - Parts of a plant.)

sahara [sahára] n Waterproofing powder mixed into cement. Inghaluan nida it sahara kag semento para indi maghunob. He mixed waterproofing powder with the ordinary cement so it won’t let moisture through.

syasi [syási] n Banana tubers. saha Nagtipon sida it maramong syasi para ipatanom sa inra bakanting duta. He collected many banana tubers to be planted in their vacant lot. syn: sáhà.

trapo sa damot [trápo sa damót] n Towel for wiping hands. basahan

usa₁ [usá] v To outwit; to get one up on somebody. isahan der. nausahan

asa₂ [ása] v 1To hope, expect, anticipate. (sem. domains: - Hope.) 2To anticipate, expect. Ako ging-aasahan nak apanunton nimo sa ako tong inro kabulig. Iam anticipating that you will let your maid accompany me. (sem. domains: 3.2.7 - Expect.) der. paasa , der. pag-asa , der. palaasa , id. indi maasahan

basa₁ [bása] vt To read (as of books or music). bumása Nakakabasaey baga ikaw? Are you able to read yet? Abasahan nako ikaw it istorya ni Rapunsel. I’ll read to Rapunsel’s story. Ingbasa nida kag nota it kanta. He read the music of the song. (sem. domains: - Read.) der. balasahon , der. pagbasa

bintusa [bintúsa] v To remove gas from the stomach by burning a cloth wrapped coin under a glass (as of a traditional medical treatment). Kinang inro anak ay tabawon kag bituka kada dapat ay bintusahan kina. Your child has gas in the abdomen therefore it must be given the local medical treatment to remove stomach gas. [This is performed using a 25 cent coin wrapped in cloth, dipped in oil and put on the stomach. It is lit and covered by a glass until the fire is extinguished and the warmth is said to draw out the gas not only from the glass but from the person's stomach.] (sem. domains: - Traditional medicine.)

bulig dum-ok [búlig dúm-ok] (comp. of bulig, dum-ok) id 1Help given with ulterior, self-serving motives (as of someone helping in order to receive gain). hindi taos na pagtulong Bulig dum-ok kag inghuman nida sa ida amo dahil ingkumpyansahan sida pero ingtakawan pa nida. What she did to her boss was to help with ulterior motives because she was trusted but still stole things. (sem. domains: - Cheat.) 2Help in oppressing, putting somebody down (as of joining with others against somebody). (sem. domains: - Hinder, - Unfriendly.)

gasa [gása] 1n Mantle of a pressure lamp. (sem. domains: 6.7.8 - Parts of tools, 5.1 - Household equipment.) 2vbt To put a mantle on a pressure lamp. gasa Inggasahan nida kag aladin. He put the mantle on the pressure lamp. (sem. domains: 6.7.8 - Parts of tools.)

gisa [gisá] vt To fry vegetables slowly (in oil to which water may be added). ginisa Inggisa nida kag hantak, tayong ag kayabasa. She fried in a little oil the beans, the eggplant and the squash. Agisahan nako sida it hantak sa kawa. I will fry the beans for her in a little oil in the frying pan. [Garlic is fried in the oil first.] (sem. domains: - Cooking methods.)
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