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sa kaluoy it Dios [sa kalúoy it Diós] saying - Convert to subentry ‘By the grace/mercy of God’. sa awa ng Dios

luoy [lúoy] 1n Mercy; pity. awà Sa kaluoy it Dios, nakaabot sinra nak waya it natabo. By God’s mercy, they arrived safely. syn: hilak. 2vi To pity somebody; to be pitied. Ingkaluuyan sida it mga tawo sa pagkayumos it ida asawa. She was pitied by the people in the drowning of her husband. Talagang maluluoy ka rutong nasunugan. You’ll really pity those victims of the fire. 3adj Compassionate; feel pity easily. 4adj Pitiful. Kaluluoy kag ida sitwasyon ngasing sa Manila. Her situation now in Manila is pitiful. 5vi To ask for mercy; to cause somebody to pity one; to plead. Kag mga nagpapalimos ag nagpapakitluoy sa mga tawo agor ataw-an it kwarta. The beggars cause people to pity them so that they’ll be given money. der. kaluluoy , der. maluluoyon