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alsada [alsáda] 1adj Items having been gotten on consignment so they can be sold to make a profit for oneself as well as being able to pay for the original items. Unsold items can be returned. (sem. domains: - Credit.) 2v To get items on consignment so as to sell them and make a profit for oneself as well as pay for the original items. Unsold items can be returned. (sem. domains: - Credit.)

arunsada [arunsáda] vt To tack a boat against the wind. Ing-arunsadahan nida kag yadag para indi magkuyob kag baroto. He tacked the boat against the wind so it wouldn’t capsize. (sem. domains: - Working in the sea.)

baliusasadaw [bali-usasádaw] dial. var. of sada-sada

karsada [karsáda] n Street. kálye (sem. domains: - Road.)

misa risada [mísa risáda] n Spoken Mass. Kag primerong misa sa PIC ay misa risada dahil waya it mga kantora nak makanta. The first mass in the PIC church is just spoken mass because there are no choir members to sing.

nagladlad it sada [nagládlad it sáda] idiom - Convert to subentry To come out into the open about being a homosexual (lit: displayed a skirt). Tong ida anak nak kayaki ay nagladlad it sada nak siday bakla talaga. Her son came out into the open about really being homosexual.

pamasada [pamasáda] v To travel constantly on the roads, as of a car, tricycle, single driver. (sem. domains: 7.2.4 - Travel.)

pasada₁ [pasáda] v To drive, give paying passengers a ride somewhere (as of on bicycle-sidecars, motorbikes, motorbike-sidecars). (sem. domains: - Travel by land.)

pasada₂ [pasáda] (der. of sada) v 1To have somebody put on, wear a skirt (as of worn by women). (sem. domains: 5.3.2 - Women's clothing, 5.3.7 - Wear clothing.) 2To have somebody put a skirt on somebody, something (as of a child, doll). (sem. domains: 5.3.2 - Women's clothing, 5.3.7 - Wear clothing.)

punsadas [punsádas] n Pian, get a stitch in one's side of abdomen. (sem. domains: - Pain.)

pusadan [pusadán] n Feet area as of when people are lying together. (sem. domains: 5.7 - Sleep.)

ratsada [ratsáda] n A down pour of rain. malakas na ulan

sada [sáda] 1n Skirt (as of worn by women). [Traditionally this was a long wrap-around piece of cloth that formed a tube skirt. Later it was a long sewn garment with flared skirt and a waist band. Now it is any modern style of long or short skirt.] (sem. domains: 5.3.2 - Women's clothing.) 2vi To put on, wear a skirt (as of worn by women). (sem. domains: 5.3.2 - Women's clothing, 5.3.7 - Wear clothing.) 3vbt To dress, put a skirt on something (as of a child or doll). pálda Ingsadahan nako kag monika. I put a skirt on the doll. (sem. domains: 5.3.2 - Women's clothing, 5.3.7 - Wear clothing.) der. pasada , der. sada-sada

sada-sada [sada-sadá] (dial. var. baliusasadaw) (der. of sada) n Bird species; fantail, black with white markings (as of a bird that dances with it's tail spread). (sem. domains: - Bird.)

sadaw [sadáw] 1n Folk dance. 2vi To dance. katutúbong sayáw Nagsadaw sinra nina Fred tong pista. Together with Fred, they danced during the fiesta. syn: bayli 1, uyok 2.

tong maisot pa nagsasada, pag raki nida ay nag-uub... [tong maisót pa nagsasáda pag rakî nida ay nag-uúb] riddle - Convert to subentry When she was young she was clothed, when mature she was naked (bamboo). nong maliit pa ay nagpapalda, nang malaki na ay nag-huhubad (kawayan)

bayli [báyli] 1n A dance (as of a social event where couples dance together e.g. ballroom etc.). bayle syn: sadaw 2, uyok 2. (sem. domains: 4.2.4 - Dance.) 2n A style of dance which couples do together (as of ballroom e.g. waltz). (sem. domains: 4.2.4 - Dance.) 3vi To dance with someone (as of in the style where couples dance together e.g. ballroom etc.). (sem. domains: 4.2.4 - Dance.) der. baylihan , der. pabayli

uyok [úyok] 1v To revolve, spin, turn around in circles. (sem. domains: - Move in a circle.) 2n A dance; dance step; kicking up one’s heels. sayaw Abang ramo kag naghanga sa ida mga uyok tong pabayle tong Sabado. Many admired her dance steps during the party last Saturday. syn: bayli 1, sadaw 2. (sem. domains: 4.2.4 - Dance.) der. pauyok

andam [ándam] (dial. var. anram) vi To beware; to take care, be careful; to be prepared (as in the face of approaching danger). ingat Nag-andam ako sa pagtabok sa karsada dahil karamong dyip. I was careful crossing the street because there were many jeeps. Mag-andam kamo sa rayanan! Be careful on the road! (sem. domains: - Alert.) der. paandam

aninaw [anínaw] 1adj Dimly, slightly, barely, just visible or recognizable. aninaw Aya anay gipilhig nak maaninaw pa kag aga. Don’t go out because the morning is still dim (ie; it’s still early morning). syn: tuhob. (sem. domains: - Appear, 1.1.1 - Sun.) 2vt To see something dimly but not clearly enough to recognize it; to be barely, just, slightly visible. Naaninawan nako katong tawo sa karsada. I can dimly see the man in the street. Naaninawaney kag subat it adlaw. The sunrise is just barely visible now. (sem. domains: - Visible, 1.1.1 - Sun.)

apiki [apíki] 1adj Close together; narrow (as of spatial placement e.g. people, jackstones, narrow space between a jeep and the side of the road). dikit-dikit Waya gisasapuyan kag ruhang dyip rutong apiking karsada dahil indi mag-igo. No two jeepneys can pass side by side on that narrow road because they won’t fit in the space. (sem. domains: - Narrow.) 2v To feel one has insufficient room (as on having on a narrow space for sleeping on a bed with others). (sem. domains: - Narrow.)

apura [apurá] 1adv Hurried, hurriedly; bustling; rushed, rushing (as of a movement). (sem. domains: - Move quickly.) 2v To hurry, bustle, rush to do something; to hurry somebody up. apurá Ing-apura it mga tawo kag trabaho sa karsada nak matig-uyaney. Those men are rushing to finish their work on the road because its the start of rainy season. (sem. domains: - Move quickly.) der. apurado

arti [árti] 1adj Melodramatic (as of putting on a turn to draw attention to oneself). arti Aya giinarti kung ingwa kita it mga bisita.
tr Don’t behave temperamentally when we have visitors.
(sem. domains: - Show off.)
2v To be, act melodramatically (as of behaving in an obvious, unpleasant way so as to draw attention to oneself). (sem. domains: - Show off.) 3adj Fussy, finicky or choosy (as with food etc). arti Nag-aarti sida sa pagkaon. She’s being choosy about her food. (sem. domains: - Discontent.) 4vi To fuss, be fussy, finicky or choosy (as with food etc). (sem. domains: - Discontent.) 5v To act in a drama, play or mime. Kaayo mag-arti tong artista ruto sa inra palabas. The actress is very good in acting in their play. (sem. domains: 4.2.5 - Drama.) 6vi To be, act gracefully or artistically. Nag-arti sida pagsadaw sa entablado. She acted gracefully when they danced on the stage. (sem. domains: 4.2.4 - Dance, 4.2.5 - Drama.)
comp. maayam mag-arti , der. artista

atras [atrás] vbt 1To reverse, go backwards; to step back; to drive backwards (as of instructions to crowds, trucks or shipping). atrás, umúrong Naatrasan nida it dyip kag baktin sa karsada. He happened to run over the pig on the street while driving backward. syn: urong 3. (sem. domains: - Move back.) 2To reverse, back over something; to walk, run over something while going backwards. (sem. domains: 7.7.4 - Press, - Move back.)

bakor [bákor] 1adj Stiff, thick, heavy (as of starched cloth or a thick cooking mixture that is hard to stir etc.); viscous mixture. makapal Kag amo uniporme tong nag-eeskwela pa ay abang bakor nak sada ag blusa. Our uniform when we were still going to school was a very thick skirt and blouse. syn: mayapot. (sem. domains: - Stiff, flexible, - Dense.) 2v To stiffen; to become thick and hard (as of a dead body going into rigor mortis or a mixture becoming thick and hard to stir). tigas Nagbakorey kag minatay ay waya pa nabubutang sa kabaong. The dead body has stiffened but it has not yet been placed in the coffin. (sem. domains: - Stiff, flexible, - Dense, - Corpse.)