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pasaka₁ [pasákà] n Date of agreement between parents when a young couple becomes engaged. araw ng pagsasampa ng demanda syn: pabagti 2.

saka₁ [sákà] 11.1vi To go up; to climb (up stairs; ladder); to come, go up or into a house. tumaás Igwa’t nagsaka sa pantaw tong nagkakatuyog pa ako. Someone came up on the porch while I was still sleeping. 1.2vt To take, carry something up; to raise something up. 22.1v To press legal charges. akyat der. sakaan

pabagti [pabágtì] 1n First visit of boy’s parents to girl’s home to get permission for a marriage. (Calatrava) (sem. domains: - Arrange a marriage.) 2vbt To have the boy’s parents visit the girl's family for the first time to ask permission for her to marry their son. pamanhikan Nagpabagti sinra para kang Susan. They visited Susan’s parents for the first time to ask permission for the marriage. Ingpabagtian si Susan tong usang domingo. The visit was made to ask for Susan’s hand in marriage, last week. syn: pasaka. (sem. domains: - Arrange a marriage.)