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salot [sálot] n Plaque, sickness, epedemic. Imaw sida kag nagraya it salot hali sa amo panimayay. She’s the one who brought the plaque here to our household.

silot [sílot] 1n Sorrow, grief; trouble. salot Imaw yang kinang anak kag nagraya it silot sa inra pamilya. That is the only child who brought a curse to their family. (sem. domains: 4.4.2 - Trouble, - Problem.) 2v To curse; to hinder, hamper; to cause trouble; to be a setback. Indi ako’g raya it mga duma kung apasilutan yang ra ako’t pagpas-an. I won’t bring any root crops with me if I’ll just be hampered by carrying them on my shoulder. (sem. domains: 4.4.2 - Trouble, - Problem.)