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sampot₂ [sámpot] 11.1vbt To arrive at a place; to reach a boundary and finish it; to go, run to somewhere. dating, datnan Nagsampot sida it gab-i? Did he arrived at the house last night? Ingsampot nimo sa yudo’t bayay kag paghilamon? Did you reach and finish the back yard when you weeded the grass? Kung ingwa it priso nak nakakalayas ay waya sinra it mayungot nak nasasamputan kung buko ay isla it Banton. If there were prisoners who got away they had nowhere nearby to run to except the island of Banton. 22.1vi The end result; outcome of something kahahantungan Kung perming inaway kag pamilya kag asamputan ay binuyagan. If a family always fights the end result will be separation.