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kasapnot [kasápnot] adj Sticky, as of something spilled on the floor. malagkit Punasi baga kinaong duga it batag sa lamesa asing kasusapnot kina. Please wipe the sap of bananas on the table it’s so sticky. (sem. domains: - Stick together.)

masapnot [masápnot] adj Rough skin; sticky. magaspang Masapnot kag anit it tong gingihaw nak karabao. The butchered carabao has a rough skin. syn: yanggusong.

sapnot [sápnot] adj Rough, calloused. magaspang Kag damot it ako tatay ay abang sapnot dahil sa sobrang trabaho. My father’s hands are very rough because of all his work.

yanggusong [yanggúsong] adj Rough surface. magaspang syn: masapnot.