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bantayan it sasakyan [bantáyan it sasakyán] (comp. of bantay, sasakyan) n The place to catch a public vehicle; the place where public vehicles line up waiting for passengers; a vehicle stop, rank, waiting or parking area (as of a "bus stop"). (sem. domains: - Vehicle.)

sasakyan comp. bantayan it sasakyan

balbal [bálbal] v 1To hit, fight with, beat up, mug somebody. (sem. domains: 4.8.2 - Fight, 7.7.1 - Hit.) 2To be caught, buffeted, blown or washed around by the wind or waves (as of a boat). BEAT UP Kag amo ingsasakyan nak baroto ay binalbal it hangin kada nagkuyob. The boat we were riding in was caught by the wind that’s why it capsized. (sem. domains: - Blow air.)

batlaw₂ [bátlaw] adj To be sitting, riding high in the water (as of a lightly loaded ship which is floating with most of the hull above water). Nagkarga pa sinra’t mga bugas dahil mabatlaw pa ra kag inra sasakyan. They loaded more rice because their boat was still lightly loaded. (sem. domains: - Light in weight, - Travel by water.) der. mabatlaw

bigla [bíglà] 1adv Suddenly (as of without warning or notice). It kag sinra ay sa yaworey, bigla yang nak nagkusog ag kag inra sasakyan ay pay mapupun-aney it ragat. When they were out at sea already it suddenly became rough and their boat was almost filled with water. syn: gulpi 3. (sem. domains: - Immediately.) 2v To do something suddenly (as of without warning or notice). bigla Abiglaon nako kag ako estudyante it bisita sa inra bayay. I will visit my students at their house without notice. syn: gulpi 1, kibot 2, it yang, antimano. (sem. domains: - Immediately.)

ditor [dítor] 1n Detour; side track; direct route (as of a bridge built of coconut palm wood being used while a new bridge is being built, or of a more direct path over a mountain to reach a place). Kailangang magditor kag mga sasakyan para mapakando kag bag-ong tulay. There is a need for the vehicles to detour in order to fix the new bridge. [This may be called a "short cut" but it's not always an easier route!] (sem. domains: - Road.) 2v To detour, take a side track, direct route (as of on a bridge built of coconut palm wood being used while a new bridge is being built, or via a more direct path over a mountain to reach a place). (sem. domains: - Road.)

lunday [lundáy] n Small sailboat. bangka Pag napamunit si Abi ay lunday yang kag ida ginsasakyan. When Abi goes fishing he rides in a small sailboat.

rabuno [rabunô] expression - Convert to subentry An expression of one’s pity; regret for something. kawawa naman Tong anak rabuno ay naipit it tong abang tulin nak sasakyan. What a pity for the child because he was run over by the speedy vehicle. (sem. domains: - Set self apart.)

tabok₁ [tabók] 1v To cross over water as of a river, strait; ??a street. Matabok tan-a sinra sa Simara ugaling waya sinra’t makitang sasakyan. They would have crossed over to Simara but they couldn’t find a boat. (sem. domains: - Road, - Move past, over, through.) 2loc Across from; facing. tapát (sem. domains: - In front of, - Across.)

tsampar [tsámpar] v To be neck-a-neck, level with somebody in a race. magkatabi Nakita nako’t maado kag Gobernador tong nagtsampar kag amo sasakyan. I’ve really seen the face of the governor when our car happened to be neck a neck with them.