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alimpuwas [alimpúwas] dial. var. of takas, buhi der. paalimpuwas To make somebody leave, get out or away from somewhere (as of from trouble, danger or flood etc.). , der. pangalimpuwas To get out, away from somewhere; to leave a place or escape a situation (as of trouble or flood).

bangkaw [bángkaw] 1n Spear for hunting, killing animals; harpoon. sibát (sem. domains: 6.3.4 - Butcher, slaughter.) 2vt To spear, kill an animal with something sharp; to harpoon. pana Ingbangkaw nida kag ilahas nak baktin. He shot the wild pig with a spear. (sem. domains: 6.4.1 - Hunt.)

sibat [sibát] n Spear. sibat syn: sumbiling, talibong.

sumbiling [sumbilíng] n Spear. pana syn: sibat, talibong.

talibong₁ [talibóng] n Sword; long and narrow bladed kind of bolo. balisong Binunggo it talibong ni Roberto si Mansueto sa likor. Roberto had thrown a sword at Mansueto’s back. syn: sumbiling, sibat.