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sikwat [síkwat] 11.1n To pry, dig, lever something from underneath to raise it (as of a lid off a tin, repotting plant, removing a nail, levering off attached wood). sikwat Ingsikwat nida’t martilyo kag inra sayog nak ailisan it bag-o. He pried their floor that will be replaced with a new one, with a hammer. Asikwaton nida’t suyot kag mga inogtanom nak kamatis. He’ll dig up with a trowel the tomato seedlings that’ll be replanted. 22.1vt To steal, rob. takaw Ingsikwat ni Pet tong ida soksok nak sayway sa tinrahan ni Boy. Pet stole the pants he is wearing from Boy’s store.

sukat₃ [súkat] vt To remove the inside-parts of a seashell. sikwat Mahirap gisukaton kag sihe it buko ispile. It’s hard to remove the inside parts of a seashell without a pin.

suwat [suwát] v To pry something up, out lifting from underneath (as of a hammer removing nails, roots breaking up cement). sikwat Asuwaton nato kag lansang it martilyo para indi makasuag. We’ll pry out the nail with the hammer so it won’t dig into someone.