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lihim [líhim] 1n Secret. 2adj Transparent. silang Myra mahuyam anay it hapslip nak pay abang lihim kaling ako baro. Myra, please let me use the halfslip because it looks like this dress of mine is too transparent. syn: silag 1. 3vbt To keep things secret; to keep things from somebody. lihim Ilihim yang kali nato sa ida. We will just keep this a secret from her.

masilang [masiláng] adj Transparent. masinag, silag

pasilang [pasílang] (der. of silang) v To hold up to the light; to allow the light to shine. (sem. domains: - Bright, 8.3.3 - Light.)

puslot₁ [púslot] vi To slip, drop out of where something is held or placed (of a child being born, of an object slipping out of one’s hands, bottom out of a box). silang, bumigay Nagpuslot kag suyor it kahon dahil sa sobrang bug-at. The contents dropped out of the bottom of the box because it was too heavy. Pagpuslot it ida anak, minatayey. When her child was born, it was already dead.

silang [siláng] vi To hold something up so as to have the light behind it; to hold something up to the light (as of an egg in order to see any defects). silang Ingpasilag nako kag itlog sa adlaw agor maayaman kung presko o bukoey. I held the egg up to the light so as to know whether it was fresh or not. (sem. domains: 8.3.3 - Light.) der. pasilang

subatan₁ [subátan] n East. silángan