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simara n Name of an island inhabited by Bantoanon, Asi speakers. (sem. domains: - North, south, east, west.)

tres islas n Three islands (Banton, Simara, Sibale) inhabited by Bantoanon Asi speakers, (sem. domains: 9.7 - Name, 9.7.2 - Name of a place, 3.5.3 - Language.)

abuno₁ [abúno] 1v To add money that is lacking; to make up the difference, lack or deficit of money; to pay what remains of a debt. Kag ida pamasahe nak kuyang papagto sa Simara ay ako ging-abunuhan. His fare was not enough to get him to Simara so I added to it. syn: rugang 1, rugli. (sem. domains: - Pay, - Increase.) 2vbt To assume, transfer somebody’s debt (so that the debt will now be paid by or to the payer). nag-abuno Aabunuhan nako kag imo utang ruto sa tinrahan. I’ll assume your debt there at the store. (sem. domains: - Repay debt.) der. abunado

alanganin [alangánin] 1adv Feeling unsure, fearful, apprehensive or caught between two choices. alangan Alanganin rang mag-idamo ako it Jackstone ay maguyangey ako. It’s improper for me to play jackstones since I’m too old for that. (sem. domains: - Doubt.) 2v To feel, be unsure, fearful, apprehensive, or caught between two choices. alangan Nag-aalangan sida nak maglarga pa-Simara dahil makusog kag ragat. He’s not sure whether to leave for Simara because the sea is rough. Nag-aalanganin sida nak waya nabaton it ida manghor katong parayang kwarta. She fears that the money sent to her sister wasn’t received. (sem. domains: - Doubt.) 3adv Unable, unfit, ineligible to do something. (sem. domains: - Wrong, unsuitable.) 4adj Being a little, slightly under ripe or not quite ripe. (sem. domains: 1.5.6 - Growth of plants.)

bagbag [bagbág] v To get, be blown, washed, driven, flung ashore somewhere (as of when an airplane or boat is wrecked or suffers engine trouble, etc). padpad Nabag-bag kag inra motor sa isla it Simara. Their motor boat flung ashore on the island of Simara. Gingbagbag sinra’t bagyong Undang tong naglarga sinra patabok it ragat Pacifico. Their ship was wrecked by typhoon Undang when they sailed across the Pacific. (sem. domains: - Travel by water.)

ingkanto [ingkánto] 1n Enchanted spirits; evil spirits; fairies. (sem. domains: 4.9.2 - Supernatural being.) 2vi To be possessed by or under the influence of an evil spirit; to be a freak. ingkanto Naingkanto kuno si Maria sa Simara. They say Maria was possessed by an evil spirit in Simara. syn: mayaot 1. (sem. domains: - Demon possession.) der. ingkantado

ngasing [ngásing] 11.1time Now that, while (as of simultaneous or overlapping events). ngayón Ngasing nak manggaranoney sida wayaey sida gipapasyar sa amo. Now that she’s rich she doesn’t come by our place. Imo ngasing ibutang kaling isra sa kanastro. It’s your turn now to put the fish in the fish basket. 22.1time Today; nowadays. 33.1conj Then; now what happened next was; so then (as of a sequence of events). ngayón Ngasing ako ay ingpadar-an it suyat it tong ako manghor sa Simara. So then I sent a letter to my younger brother in Simara. 3.2conj Then id. ngasing nak mga adlaw , id. sa ngasing

puyo₁ [puyô] n Small island; islet. pulo Tong mayunor kami’y hagto kami ingparpar sa usang puyo mayungot sa Simara. When we were drifting at sea we were washed ashore in a small island near Simara. syn: isla. (sem. domains: - Island, shore.)

rag-om [rág-om] 1adj Darkening; rainy looking; dull; cloudy (as of weather, sky). makulimlim Waya ninra gituluyan kag inra byahe pa Simara dahil marag-om kag panahon. They didn’t go on with their trip to Simara because of the cloudy weather. syn: gal-om, kulimlim, kunom. (sem. domains: - Cloud, - Dark, - Rain.) 2v To become dark, dull, rainy looking, cloudy (as of rainy weather, sky). (sem. domains: - Cloud, - Dark, - Rain.) der. marag-om

ragko [rágkò] 1adj Large, big, huge. Karuragko kag bayor tong magtabok sida pa Simara The waves were huge when he went over to Simara. (sem. domains: 8.2 - Big.) 2vi To become large; to enlarge something; to grow up. malaki, lumaki Aparagkuan nako kag ipahuman nak litrato. I’ll have this picture enlarged. Nagragko sinra sa States. They grew up in the States. (sem. domains: 8.2 - Big.)

salpak [sálpak] v To attach something somewhere. kabit Ingsalpak ni Myra kag amo kurtina bag-o sida magbakasyon sa Simara. Myra attached our curtains before she took her vacation in Simara. syn: takor 1.

tabok₁ [tabók] 1v To cross over water as of a river, strait; ??a street. Matabok tan-a sinra sa Simara ugaling waya sinra’t makitang sasakyan. They would have crossed over to Simara but they couldn’t find a boat. (sem. domains: - Road, - Move past, over, through.) 2loc Across from; facing. tapát (sem. domains: - In front of, - Across.)

tabok₂ [tabók] v To cross street; to cross over water. Nagtabok si Kiti sa Calatrava pa Simara aber abang kusog. Kiti went across from calatrava to Simara even though it was very rough.

tunga-tunga₂ [tunga-túngà] loc Between. Kalagitnaan Kag Simara ay sa tunga-tunga it Banton ag Tablas. Simara is between Banton and Tablas.