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sobsob₂ [sóbsob] 11.1adj Bent forwards; down in front. 1.2vi To be bent forwards; to be too heavy in front (as of old person bending over, a boat overloaded at the front, or sinking prow first). Nagsusobsob kag maguyang. The old person is bending forwards. Nagsusobsob kag lantsa dahil puno-puno hampig sa pruwa. The launch is down in front because the prow is too full. 1.3vbt To fall forwards, head first Asobsoban kag semento it yango. The drunk man fell forwards onto the cement. Nagsusobsob kag yango. The drunk man is falling forwards. 22.1n Absorbed; concentrating. 2.2vi To concentrate hard; to be too absorbed in a task; to be serious, intent about something. sobsob Nagsusobsob sida adlaw ag gab-i sa ida trabaho. She concentrates hard on her work day and night. syn: minatuor, ungor-ungor 1, seryuso.

minatuor [minatuór] adj Serious; to take something seriously. totohanan Minatuorey kag ida pagnegosyo ngasing. She takes her business seriously now. syn: ungor-ungor 1, seryuso, sobsob 2.2.

seryuso [seryúso] adj Serious. seryoso Seryuso kag ida pagbisaya kada gingpatihan ra sida it tawo. His talk was serious so that people believed in him. syn: minatuor, ungor-ungor 1, sobsob 2.2.

ungor-ungor [ungor-úngor] 1adv Serious; concentrated; sincerely; intent; trying hard; conscientious. Ungor-ungor sida sa ida pagaray. She’s serious in her studies. syn: minatuor, seryuso, sobsob 2.2. 2vt To do something very seriously. tutuhanan Aungor-ungoron nato kag laban sa bola. Let’s play ball seriously.